Monday, March 1, 2010

Spring Jewelry

Even though I am looking out my window and seeing nothing but dirty, day old snow..I have dreams of spring in the back of my mind and am all ready scouring my closet for those winter to spring transition looks. One way to start dressing for spring, not freeze your ass off, is through your jewelry. This winter was full of big, bold, statement necklaces. All though these big necklaces are still on the radar for spring, I prefer something a little more dainty to go with the freshness and newness of the season. Plus, having a heavy necklace that makes your neck sweat is not cute.

Bracelets and Cuffs

Two beaded bracelets-Gifts, Silver cuff- Lord & Taylor, Colored cuff- H&M

I really feel bracelets don't get enough attention. They can add a little sparkle to an otherwise boring area of the body, add a geometric shape to a flowy outfit or add a pop of color. I admit, I usually overdo it with bracelets. I like to go dainty on one wrist, like with the two beaded bracelets, and a cuff on the other wrist. Of course this is not everyone's style. For a softer look, go with one or two small beaded bracelets. For a bit of drama, stick with a silver cuff or thicker bracelet. For a pop of color, go with a colored cuff.


Flower earrings: F21, Small silver filigree earrings: Lia Sophia, Silver hoops: Lia Sophia, Big silver filigree earrings: F21

Close up of the F21 earrings- they didn't photograph well in the first pic

I'm a pale girl, so I gravitate towards silver, but if your skin tone can carry off gold, you can definitely stick with that. I'm all about earrings that feel "light" and all of these do. The filigree earrings really go with anything and add a little bit of drama with out weighing your face down.
Colored jewelry is so big this spring, and earrings are a great way to incorporate color in your look. Be careful with colored earrings though. Make sure the color works with your skin tone. I can't really wear red earrings because it brings out the red tones in my skin- not cute!
And seriously, how can you go wrong with hoops? They are just a great way to frame your face and work with an up or down hair style.

Nature in Necklaces

Light Aqua Shell Necklace: Shop in Cape Cod, Longer blue necklace: A present from my Iyah

Necklaces are another great way to bring color into an outfit and also texture. By bringing in natural elements you're matching the natural elements of the season. Softer, pastel colors work well with most colors, but shouldn't be matched with black- as the softness of the pastel jewelry won't match up with the harshness of a black shirt.

Brighter colored necklaces can definitely be paired with black, neutrals or white. When going with a necklace that's a bit more on the dramatic side, it's important to keep the shirt simple so it won't compete with the necklace. Avoid intricate necklines or patterns when wearing a longer or dramatic necklace.

Crystals in Bloom

Left: DSK, Right: Sanctuary Jewelry

Swarovski crystals just go with everything! If you're not into longer necklaces or dramatic necklaces, crystal necklaces are a great way to avoid the bare neckline look and add a subtle hint of color and shape.

With colored crystal you can really wear it with anything as long as the colors don't clash. Since the shapes are usually simple and the colors subtle, you can wear these with a bit more of a dramatic neckline and a soft pattern.

For a clear crystal, such as the moon necklace, I recommend wearing a bright color shirt underneath it to feature the crystal. If you have darker skin, it will also look great. I'm so pale, it just blends in lol.

Bling in Spring

Purple Studs: Fantasy Jewelry Box, All other pieces: Lia Sophia

I'm attracted to anything sparkly and shiny. I'm like a dog, I swear. Bling is always in. Just keep bling a little on the lighter and longer side to keep with the season. Also, the floral influences on the ring keep these pieces spring ready!


I was contacted by Fantasy Jewelry Box and was given the opportunity to pick out a item. With all of their amazing celeb inspired pieces, it was hard to pick. I picked these gorgeous, lavender studs. They are a perfect piece for spring! Purple works well with a lot of skin tones and also brings out green and blue in anyone's eyes. These are a great way to add subtle drama, if that makes any sense lol. I want to give someone the opportunity to add this gorgeous piece to their jewelry wardrobe.

To enter:
1. Make a blog post on your fave piece of jewelry and why it's your fave piece. If you don't have a blog, email me your blurb and a pic of your jewelry piece and I'll create a post for you. Comment on this post with a link to your post or email me at

2. Submit all entries by Friday, March 12 12 midnight.

3. Good luck!!

P.S. If you are interested in any of the Lia Sophia pieces, contact me!

FTC Disclaimer: I was not paid by Fantasy Jewelry Box, nor am I affiliated with them. My opinions are my own and can't be bought. All other pieces were either gifts from friends or purchased on my own.

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