Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Gym Bag Essentials- The Bare Minimum

It's about that time of year where I step up my work out game. It's almost bathing suit season and I'm not even happy enough with my body to try bathing suits on, let alone strut the beach with one.

I wanted to do a post about gym necessities whether you work out at home, outside or at the gym. I'm getting to the point where I work out outside, so I keep this bag in my car stocked up.

Gym Bag-Adidas from Modell's or any Sporting Goods Store:

Tips in picking out a gym bag:
-Look for nylon or another easily cleaned material. This bag I can just wipe off if it gets dirty.
-Look for a bag with a shoulder strap-it's easier to carry.

Shorts or pants
Athletic Socks
Appropriate sneakers
Tank top with support
Sports bra

Tips for picking out work-out gear:
-Shop for work out clothes that are form fitting and wick away moisture. It's important to wear something fitted so you can see results and also check if you have proper form. Wicking away moisture- well self explinatory lol.
-Invest in sports bras!! Opt for racer-back options as they have more support. For women with larger busts, stick to molded cups to avoid the uni-boob look.
-Try to stick with racer-back tops to provide even more coverage. I'm a bit on the busty side so I stick with a perfectly fitting sports bra and a racer back tank with a built in bra.
-Invest in sneakers for any type of exercising you do! They are so important to maintain your health and keep you injury free. I have cross-trainers for when I go on my bike, do an aerobic video or lift weights and running sneakers. Replace your shoes regularly.
-Use athletic socks, not just any old socks. Socks should fit properly and if possible, also have moisture wicking materials.


These are the bare necessities-not pictured: a non-slip scrunchie and headband
-Deodorant with antipersperant- use this before and after your work outs. Look for clear or ones that don't leave a residue. No one likes to see white pits as they are lifting or doing ab work.
-Body refreshing spray- I picked this up from VS Pink. This spray is not just a body spray, but actually cleanses your body too and refreshes you. I hate using showers at the gym, never have-never will, so this is temporary fix.
-Contact case- I find it easier to work out in contacts because my glasses bounce about.
-Hair brush- DUH!
-Make up cleansing towlette- I hate working out in make up due to all the sweat, so I wipe my face down with one of these before hand or than just splash my face thoroughly with water when I'm done.

Now get fit!

FTC Disclaimers: I purchased all products by myself. I received LA Cleansing Towelette from cashing in my make up points at Megs makeup. I have no affiliation with any companies mentioned.


Tammy said...

Great post!! Ugh..I'm so lazy..MUST WORKOUT!!

Sharon said...

Whoa nice! I never thought to have a list of gym essentials, usually just end up throwing things in there before gym.
This will motivate me to be more organized.

gym bags said...

I know all this essential things that are very important as a basic things that must be in your gym bag. I like to spend most of my time in gym so that I can stay fit and healthy.

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