Tuesday, April 27, 2010

My ELF Faves

Last week, my girlie Tammy made a video of her fave ELF products. Click here for the vid. She totally inspired me to make a post about my fave ELF products.

I'm sure most of you are quite familiar with ELF, but if not, ELF stands for Eyes, Lips, Face. Their products are sold online at eyeslipsface.com or at select Targets. They seem to be sold at every friggin Target except mine! Their products range in price from $1.00 for the standard line, to $6.00 for some of their studio products. For being so cheap, I am QUITE impressed with most of their products.

Here are some of my faves:

Brightening eye color-$1.00

From top left to bottom right:
Drama, Silver lining, Luxe, Butternut, Punk Funk

These little palettes are awesome! Their pigmentation is super impressive, especially over a base. Most of them I use over my NYX jumbo pencil in milk or cottage cheese. They are mostly matte shades and blend really well. For a dollar, the palettes are really all you need for an eye look: lid shade, crease shade, liner shade and highlight.

Duo Eye Shadow Cream- $1.00

Butter Pecan

I use this with a lot of my brown and neutral looks for a base. Their consistency is quite creamy and if used in a thin layer and with a primer underneath, remain pretty crease free throughout the day. I only have one of these and I'd like to purchase a few more. Especially the black and silver one to use for a smokey eye.

Waterproof Eyeliner Pen- $1.00


I have two liquid liner pens: one from ELF and one from Revlon. I use both of them all the time and their quality is almost identical. This liquid liner pen has a thin felt tip and the liner itself goes on quite smoothly. It really is waterproof too, it doesn't smudge a bit once it's on.

Studio Line Bronzer- $3.00

Golden Bronzer

I ADORE this bronzer. It photographs a bit shimmery, but it goes on almost glowy. This is my everyday winter bronzer. When I don't want to look super tan, but I want my skin to have some color. I use this in the 3 and backward 3 motion.

Studio Line Under Eye Concealer and Highlighter- $3.00


This is my everyday work under eye concealer. This has light to medium coverage so I only use it when I've had a good night sleep the night before. I put the highlighter in the inner and outer corner of my eyes, blend and then put the concealer on type. Most people would put the highlighter on top, but this is a little too shimmery, so I use the concealer to tone it down.

Super Glossy Lip Shine- $1.00

Juiced Berry

I have these glosses in several different shades, but this shade is my favorite. It's super glossy and shimmery and reminds me of watermelon lips lol. It's a bit slippery, so I do have to reapply quite frequently, but for a dollar, I don't mind. The color is quite sheer, it reminds me a bit of those L'Oreal Juice Gems. They are moisturizing and has SPF 15, so they are perfect for the summer!

Mechanical Eyelash Tool- $1.00

I haven't used a lot of lash curlers, but after buying this one, I don't see the need to purchase a more expensive one. This is so gentle and it works perfectly!

Studio Line Complexion Brush- $3.00

If it's one thing that I am super impressed with from the Elf, it's their brushes. This complexion brush is only 3 bucks and it works amazingly! I put on my Revlon Colorstay foundation with my fingers and then use this brush to smooth everything out and blend it all in. It gives me a flawless, streak free finish.

Studio Line Powder Brush- $3.00

I really love the density of this brush. I use this with my finishing powder or when I wear mineral foundation. For mineral foundation, this brush is just awesome. I like this better than any of the Bare Minerals brushes that came with my mineral foundation set.

Eyeshadow Brush- $1.00

If you regularly read beauty blogs or watch beauty videos on Youtube, you have no doubt heard about the awesome-ness of this brush! It's $1.00 yet it is just great to use as a lid brush. I have a few of them and for a dollar each, why not??

With all of the products that I've tried from ELF, which is not all of them, there are only two products that I am not super thrilled with. I have tried a few of their regular eyeliners and was not impressed at all. They would tug on my eyelid and I just didn't like the waxy consistency. This was a year or so ago, I don't know if they have changed the formulation since then.

The second item is the corrective concealer palette. I like to use corrective concealers on my breakouts and under my eyes. I use the green for my breakouts and the peach for my undereyes. The peach works really well and blends so nicely. The green barely shows up and I really have to warm it up in my fingers to get it to blend at all. It's weird how in the same palette one concealer works and the other doesn't!

Overall though, ELF is a great way to play and experiment with make up for very little money!


Tammy said...

I love ELF products, but you know that already...lol

Great post!

raspcherry said...

great review babes, I have tried the concealer, the smokey eyeshadow palette and the bronzer -all are good products!

jellytelly_ri-chan said...

I like ELF products.... my first ever makeup stuffs was from ELF. but its hard to get them cheaper here since its US$1 but they are selling here at SG$6.90 =.=''' i like their eyeshadows and bronzer =D

PS said...

I love my ELF curler! Nice review!

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