Friday, April 2, 2010

Review: Skintimate Moisturizing Cream Shave for Dry Skin

Ahh..this weekend's projected temperatures are in the 70's so it's time for capris and dresses again, just in time for Easter!! In a panic I ran to CVS to get a brand new razor and some shave cream. I picked up whatever shave cream was on sale and boy- am I glad this was!

Product description from

Skintimate® introduces a whole new way to shave. This new mild, dye-free cream, made especially for sensitive skin, creates a cushion for that extra protection from nicks and cuts while rich moisturizers give you the ultimate feeling of hydration. Experience the difference of shaving with a cream and your legs will feel noticeably softer.

I don't have super dry legs, but they weren't exactly like buttah after this winter either. This stuff is AMAZING. You literally do not need to put on lotion afterwards if you were in a rush.

The thing I needed to get used to was that it DOES NOT foam. I didn't read this at first and kept putting more and more product on my leg and was like WTF?! All you need is a very thin layer, so this baby should last a while. If you've ever shaved with hair conditioner in a pinch, this is kind of what that feels like, just very emolient and creamy.

To open it you just pull the little flower out:

The product itself:

Price range: $3-$5
Where to buy: Any drugstores, Target, Walmart,
Would I buy again?: Yes, and I will be buying it- all summer!

FTC Disclaimer: Product was purchased by me. I am not affiliated with Skintimate in anyway.

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Tammy said...

This is going to be so childish, pull the flower out to use it..?? *giggles* naughty, naughty!!

OK, time to be a big girl...I've never tried this stuff & I'm always super cautious about having dry skin. I'll be sure to pick this up next time I need shaving cream.

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