Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Need to update your wardrobe? Need some extra cash?

I've been a Lia Sophia advisor for several months now. I hinted at it lightly here and there, but now that I've gotten the hang of it..I wanted to write more about it.

In case you don't know, Lia Sophia is a direct selling business that sells fashion jewelry. A majority of the sales are done in a party format. Someone decides to book a party (the hostess) and holds the party at her home and invites whoever. Then the advisor (like myself) brings all the jewelry, catalogs and business items needed. Some advisors have games to break the ice and then the guests get to try on the pieces.

For holding the party, the hostess gets a certain percentage in free jewelry and several discounted items. I was a hostess several times before I decided to become an advisor. I owned enough pieces that I didn't even need to buy the starter kit, but you have to and it was useful.

I decided to become an advisor to not only make some extra cash, but also to meet new people. When I signed up, I thought I would be moving to Atlanta with Jason and needed a way to break the ice with new people. I'm still planning a move, but lately I've just been doing sales locally.

This is not a pyramid scheme or is there any pressure to sell or buy or whatever you might associate with direct selling.

I wanted to post in case anyone was interested in making some extra cash, this would be a great way. You don't have to live near me in order to get training and you don't have to live near me to have a party- you can have a catalog party!

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Juli said...

Haha I was gonna join something like that except the biz was Cookie Lee :P ...RIGHT before I started really getting into jewelry making. but...since the stuff is pricey & i didn't know exactly how I was gonna get out there.. I didn't do it! I'm kinda happy too haha :]

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