Sunday, May 23, 2010

You get what you pay for?

I've been hearing the saying "you get what you pay for" since I was a little kid. My parents are complete shopping opposites. Although my father LOVES a bargain, he only loves a bargain if the item is worth it. Meaning my Dad loves a bargain for a quality piece of clothing, meal, etc. My mom is the opposite. My mom could do all of her shopping at Target and Kohls and be fine with it.

I didn't really get the meaning of the saying until I was older and started doing my own shopping. When I first began buying my own clothes it was all about quantity over quality. I never once stopped to think that the two could be the same thing if I only took care of my clothing!

My wardrobe is a mix of brands and stores. I shop everywhere from Lord & Taylor to Forever 21 to mom & pop shops in the Bronx. Sometimes the statement "you get what you pay for" is totally true. I have Coach and Louis Vuitton bags that my Grandma used for years that I now use. On the other hand, I've purchased $150 jeans and Juicy Couture sweats to have them fray just as my Gap jeans do.

When it comes to fashion and trends, it's just too damn expensive to buy into every trend and keep up with fashion with out the help of stores like Forever 21 and Charlotte Russe. However, these names don't have to by synonymous with "disposable" fashion like they used to be.

Read the care labels of ANY clothes you buy and maybe you can get a lot more than you paid for. Recently I've been buying and wearing a lot of F21 jeans. I've had one pair of F21 jeans for over a year and they look better than my True Religion jeans. It's just important to launder items correctly.

Washing denim:

-Unless you have a stain on your jeans, wash them very infrequently
-Wash jeans every 5-6 wears
-Turn inside out
-Wash in cold water

Washing bras:
-Unless you're super sweaty wash every 3-4 wears
-Hand wash and lay dry flat if possible
-If hand washing wash with a baby shampoo
-If you have to put it in the washer machine, use a bra shell..sold at Bed, Bath & Beyond and The Container Store
-NEVER dry a bra in the drier

Washing dress pants:
-Wash every 3-4 wears
-Follow washing rules on tags
-If part of a suit, dry clean both pieces together so one doesn't fade quicker than the other

Washing jackets and blazers:
-Wash every 5-6 wears
-Follow directions on tag
-Dry blazers laying flat on a drying rack..if you dry on a hanger the shape will get stuck in the shoulders

Washing bathing suits:
-Wash after every wear, even if you're just laying out
-Hand wash with a specific hand washing detergent (like Soak)
-Let air dry
-NEVER dry in a drier

So make those items that you paid for really worth it and take good care of them!


Tammy said...

Great tips!!

Random but I had a dream that I met we met up at woodbury commons..!! We need to finally meet.

FYI--You have spam in your c-box.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the tips about drying your bra. Really didn't about that

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