Monday, June 21, 2010

Decor on a Budget

One of my favorite "dreamer" moments is looking through a Pottery Barn Catalog or Better Homes and Gardens Magazine and dream of the day where I can one day have a house to decorate as beautifully as the "catalog" houses are decorated. We all know that Pottery Barn is expensive and if you look at the prices at some of the items featured in Better Homes and Gardens your jaws would drop. There are so many times I look at these rooms and I know there's a way to pull them off on a budget. Well, someone has gone along and done just that!

Copy Cat Chic reads the best home decor magazines, picks her fave rooms and items from catalogs and then basically does the leg work and hunts down affordable dupes of the items ! How Brilliant!

Here are some of my fave rooms she's made attainable for me:

The Jefferson Bed

Expensive: $1,3999
Dupe: $449

DWR's Rubik Round Coffee Table

Expensive: $900
Dupe: $299

So if you're in the mood to redecorate or just drool over some interior design porn..Copy Cat Chic is the way to do it!

1 comment:

Vanessa M. said...

NICE! Im at my first home and decorating on pennys is not easy! lol

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