Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Disney Recap

So last week I went to Disney with my mom, my aunt and my little cousin. My mom had a conference so she got her room and flight paid for. So It was a win, win for us. My aunt and cousin left Tuesday and Jason came on Wednesday night. We stayed at The Port Orleans French Quarter Hotel.

This hotel was gorgeous. It's in a theme of New Orleans and is in the mid-price range for Disney hotels. Some images courtesy of Google images:

At night they had jazz musicians and horse drawn carriages going around the hotel. Tres cute!

My cousin Mia is 10. This was her second time going to Disney. Honestly, I think she has more fun staying in a hotel and swimming in the pool then she does at the park. However, the girl can eat!

Before anyone asks, yes she is 100% biologically related to me. She has my attitude and appetite lol.

Family pic (minus my mom, she NEVER takes pics!)

At MGM (now called Disney's Hollywood Studios):

They had the hand and foot prints of all the Golden Girls except Bea Arthur. I had to take a pic with all of them. Here's Rue McLanahan who provided me with my favorite Golden Girls quote ever: "Although I am petite, I can carry off a large stone." (she's talking about a ring here). Don't even ask Jason how many times he's heard that quote lol.

And now my love. You know it's true love when he's willing to put popcorn and melted ice cream hats on his head. lol


Vanessa M. said...

how fun and lol he does not look like it was his idea to wear the har lol

Tammy said...

Sounds like a great trip!!! Your bf looks THRILLED in that

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