Thursday, June 24, 2010

Forever 21 Twist

Forever 21 Twist began debuting collections late last year. This collection features more runway style designs. Most times I look at these collections and think wow- I don't know how I would ever be able to wear that or have the balls to wear that! Until now....

Forever 21 Twist just debuted their Army Brat collection. Finally a collection I feel comfortable purchasing and can actually mix with pieces in my closet. Also, the army/military trend is HUGE this summer as are khakis and neutrals. Here are some of my fave pieces:

Military Woven Dress- $29.80

Call me strange, but I kind of hate thinking of spending $30 for a dress at F21. Don't get me wrong, I think $30 is a great price for a dress, but I just worry about the quality.

In terms of the look however, I adore this dress. I think Jean Paul Gaultier for Target had a similar style dress with the piping. This is so hot and can be paired with so many different shoe options to dress it up or down. Also, made with 62% cotton I would hope the quality is decent.

Pleated Tulip Dress- $29.80

I love the pleating on this dress. The tulip style would be perfect for a girl with no curves or an "athletic" type body as this would help create curves. Curves is not an issue I have, so I don't know how well this dress would suit me lol.

Drawstrings Barrack Tunic- $14.80

Above I stated I had curves. However, the one curve I do not have is in the back. It's flat as a board back there! One of the tricks I've discovered is tunics with side ruching or tunics with a banded bottom. This is a tunic with two sides of ruching! This may give me the appearence of an even bigger bottom lol. It's worth a shot.

This is also seems to be hanging on to the mixing prints trend all in one top. It appears the background is stripes and the main pattern is an animal print.

In terms of store availability, I don't know how readily available this is. The F21 by me is on the tiny side, but usually features the key pieces (dresses, wow pieces) from the Twist collection. If you order anything from this collection, let me know!


Doyounoah said...

wow im in ♥ with the 1st dress its super cute!;-)

1 Button Mens Tuxedo said...

That Drawstrings Barrack Tunic is so cute.

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