Wednesday, June 30, 2010

QuickTrim Hot Stix Review

Last month I ordered my first "diet" product. I ordered a QuickTrim item from QVC. It was a product that was just debuting so there were no reviews to be read, so I was stepping out on a ledge. I don't condone diet pills, and I would never want to try the QuickTrim diet pills or cleanses, but this product wasn't a diet pill or supplement.

Energizing Antioxidant Hot Sticks are berry flavored drink mixes. They contain a whole slew of vitamins and minerals and energizing green tea. Here is the description from QVC:

Get energized with a refreshing treat! These Hot Sticks are delicious berry drink mixes that contain green tea extract with EGCG for added energy, plus nutrients that may help to support healthy hair, skin, and nails. Simply add the powder to your water to receive 100% of your recommended daily allowance of 15 vitamins and minerals. From QuickTrim.

So I was thinking, wow! All of these vitamins and minerals and green tea? Sounds great. I have a major reliance on diet coke for a daily caffeine fix. I don't drink coffee, so I need some sort of caffeine boost almost every day around 2 o'clock. Jason frequently worries about my reliance on diet coke, so I'm trying to stop drinking it so much and have been on the hunt for a caffeine replacement.
Iced tea or tea? Yuck!
Green tea? No thank you
Coffee or iced coffee? Hate it

So I was really super excited to try these. I love berry flavored juices and thought this would just be the answer to my caffeinated prayers!


You're supposed to add the entire stick to 16 oz of water, so I followed the directions and did. I took a sip and WOW! Total chemical grossness taste. So I thought ok, let me try half a stick. Still, grossness! I wish I could thoroughly describe the flavor, but all I can really say is that it tastes like a bad cherry cough syrup.

So I packed this up to send back to QVC with a diet coke can in my hand lol.

Disclaimer: Product was purchased by me and I obviously wasn't paid for this opinion lol.


Edie said...

Thanks for sharing. How much were these?

♥ Ms. Kendall ♥ said...

Boo!!! I got some QT, but when I read the instructions it's the DIET that they recommend for losing weight that works...... I'm lazy, I just wanna pop magic pills....

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