Friday, June 18, 2010

Savin' on Food

So this isn't the most glamorous of topics, but in this economy the usage of coupons is becoming more and more popular. I know some people are under the impression that clipping coupons is for soccer moms and old ladies. But in reality, are soccer moms and old ladies the only people who want to save money? Umm...I think not! Just think about it, save money on groceries and you have more to spend on fun stuff!

My mom and I are magazine junkies. We subscribe to way too many magazines. My mom recently subscribed to a magazine called All You. It's a magazine published by Wal-Mart. It's like a Family Circle or Woman's Day Magazine. If you haven't read any of those, the mags cover all aspects of a woman's typical life. From fashion, to beauty, to recipes, to sex and everything in between.

I enjoyed All You, but what I really noticed was the abundance of coupons in the magazine. I added it up and there was literally $62 worth of coupons in it. Some stuff I'll never use (beef jerkey?), but some coupons were great like $4 off Shick Razor cartridges. The magazine is like $3 so the magazine already paid for itself with that one coupon alone! is also a great resource for coupons. The site also has a lot of great recipes and budgeting tips. Right now on the site you can get $.75 off a Kashi meal and $1.00 off the new L'Oreal 360 Cleanser.

The magazine right now costs $14.90 for a year if you're interested in a quick and easy read and some fab coupons. Remember, saving money is always fabulous!


Kimberly said...

I just clipped coupons out of last and this month's All You last evening since I am going grocery shopping this weekend. Also, I printed coupons out from and SmartSource at lunch time today. I figure what I save on food I can spend on clothes!

Tammy said...

I really like this magazine! Besides all the coupons they actually have affordable clothes & beauty products.

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