Thursday, August 26, 2010

ATL Haulage

Last week I went to go visit my Jason in ATL. I knew I wanted to do some shopping, but a whole lot since I was carrying on my luggage lol. No way I was paying those damn checked bag fees.

I got two pairs of slippers from Target both on clearance. I love slippers! I bring them with me every time I stay in a hotel so my feet don't have to touch those gross hotel carpets lol.

Jason also got me the book Charlie St. Cloud since I wanted to see it. I still haven't seen it, but I think the book will suffice for now. Books are usually better than the movies anyway.

I got these cute portable clip on scent thingies from the Bath and Body Works outlets.They were only $1 and can be used in your car or closet or any other small space.

I got these awesome suede knee boots from a store called Cathy Jean. They had an AMAZING sale, but these were the only ones I could find in my size. From $150 to $50-woohoo!!!

Also at the Perimeter Mall I got this awesome modal v-neck tee for only $4 from NY & Co. This reminds me of the over-sized v-necks from American Apparel. It looks great worn regular or off the shoulder. This was the only color or else I would have snatched up a lot more!!

This navy BF cardigan from J. Crew I just fell in love with! I love the rosette detail on the shoulder. It was on clearance for $30 with another 30% off. I love outlets!!

Back at the outlets I only got two things- I was good (unlike my boyfriend lol). Jason bought me a black ruffle front tunic from Banana Republic. The mannequins showed it as a tunic, but it honestly fits me like a dress lol.

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JordanMayTwigs said...

Great Haul,
I got a pair of over the knee faux suede boots like those at christmas time.
There so comfy.
And go with everything!!


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