Sunday, September 12, 2010

Postal Love!

The past few weeks have been like Christmas for my mailbox. First, I got a lovely surprise from my lovie love, Vanessa. Then my jewelry love, Juli, surprised me with a fabulous love pack!

I was giddy just by seeing the packaging! How friggin cute is this bag? U know I'm reusing it lol.

The goodies:
Green Macha Tea-I've seen this drink on several blogs and it actually sounds yummy! I can't wait to try this!
Bang holder thingies- These are AWESOME!! They are these little velcro rectangles that hold your bangs or hair out of your face. I love this, because I use headbands and clips, but sometimes they leave marks. These babies are scotch free!
Beauty Friends Pomegrenate Sheet Mask- Looves it! Added to my expanding sheet mask collection.
A GORGEOUS necklace- blues and greens- it just shouts MELISSA
ELF Shine Eraser Blotting Papers- these are friggin awesome! People, do not spend more than a dollar on blotting papers, because they are amaze-balls!!
Candy- need I say more?

The necklace- OMG I adore this! I'm not into girly colors so this is just perfecto for me!

A week or so later, another lovely little package was waiting by my door from my Jersey love, Tammy-ness! Loves her!

The goodies:
2 Missha sheet masks- These sheet masks are so friggin addicting and Tammy gave me my very first one a whiles back!
Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Gel Liner Set in Blue Eyes- I can't wait to use these babies to set off my baby blues!
A Sample of the Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream- I have been dying to try a BB Cream. I bought a crappy Ebay one, but this one Tammy swears by! I can't wait to try it!
A tube of M Shiny BB Cream- See above! I can't friggin wait lol.

I honestly LOVE the girls I've met through Blogger! I'm so lucky to have a whole group of these amazing, lovely ladies to call my friends.

1 comment:

Juli said...

Mel I think you got the necklace on backwards in the pic lol. the AB foil effect of the bermuda blue heart is showing in stead of the sparkle side :p haha

when i was making this.. I actually thought it would be perfect for you :p

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