Sunday, October 3, 2010

Deal of the Week- 10/3

Happy October! I'm working on my September faves post now. There aren't too many items in it, but the ones that are, are serious loves!

Anyway, my deal of the week is courtesy of Barnes and Noble's website,

On a side bar, if you love Barnes and Nobles as much as I do, it really pays to get a Barnes and Noble Membership. For $25 a year you get a card which gives you:
40% off hardcover bestsellers
20% off all adult hardcovers
10% off everything else- (mags, salebooks, starbucks, etc.)

You also randomly get coupons for 15 or 20% off coups for any item and free express shipping on orders.

Anywho, my deal of the week is a pre-order for a new book that I'm excited to read.

Lauren Conrad's Style Guide

I know, people either love or hate LC. I've always been a fan. My fave part, is her style and her hair. She always looks so gorgeous and put together, but not over the top. I read a tiny excerpt of this in Glamour, and I really wanted to add to my fashion/make up library and I thought this would be a great addition.

For only $10.79 I was able to pre-order a SIGNED edition! Stay tuned for a review!

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FunnyFaceBeauty said...

nice deal. curious for your review.

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