Tuesday, November 23, 2010

CVS L'Oreal Clearance!

Last week, I read a post on Noveau Cheap's blog about certain L'Oreal products being 75% off at CVS. I went in last week to buy some soda and like always, I took a quick walk down the cosmetics aisle. I was pleasantly surprised to see a few L'Oreal products marked down. I decided to nab a few to check them out.

Left to right:
HiP Studio Secrets Kohl Liner in Black
HiP Shine Struck Gloss in Euphoria
HiP Color Presso Gloss in Posh
L'Oreal Bare Naturale Gentle Lip Conditioner in Soft Petal


Top to bottom, Left to right:
Pink Side of Presso Gloss-BLAH
Nudeish side of presso gloss- BLAHer
Euporia Gloss- very pretty
Bare Naturale Gloss
Kohl Liner

Overall, I'm glad some of these products were on clearance. The prices ranged from $2.50-$4.00. My fave of the products is the Euphoria gloss. I like the softness of the Bare Naturale gloss, but I wore it for 3 days straight and that broke out around my lips. The Kohl liner isn't as black as I had hoped, but it does stay put on the waterline. Happy shopping!

1 comment:

Vanessa M. said...

woo! lucky my cvs doesnt have anything :( oh and i have a khol liner and dont know how to use it lol

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