Monday, December 13, 2010

Review and Tips and Tricks- Vaseline

I love Vaseline's Petroleum Jelly. So when I was contacted a few months ago to do a review of two of their products I jumped at the chance. I was sent two containers of Vaseline: one regular and one cocoa butter. To say that the Cocoa Butter is love, isn't putting it lightly lol. I LOOOVE this stuff.

There isn't much to review in terms of the product. I have super sensitive skin and use these products really all over and have never had a problem with them clogging my pores or breaking out my skin. These products serve a multitude or purposes and if you have super dry skin the Cocoa Butter version is right up your alley.

My favorite uses for Vaseline's Petroleum Jelly:

-Lip moisturizer
-Slather it on your feet with a pair of socks
-Use on super dry elbows and knees
-Rub lightly on eyelashes to condition lashes
-Use as an eye gloss
-Mix in a cracked eye shadow or blush to make a colored lip gloss
-Use around your cuticles
-Apply on a super thin layer on your wrist and spray your fragrance on helps it stay longer!
-Use around your hairline , ears and neck to prevent staining while dying your hair
-Tame eyebrows

I'm sure there are TONS of other uses for Vaseline. I looked up quite a few, but I didn't want to suggest any ideas that I haven't used myself. If you have any fab uses for Vaseline, comment below!

FTC: These products were sent to me by Vaseline. My opinions are my own and I have affiliation with Vaseline. I wasn't paid for this post.

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G A B Y said...

Oooh I would love to try the cocoa butter version!

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