Friday, January 14, 2011

Product Rave: Booty Shapers

Let me set the scene. Christmas morning and my mom and I are sitting on the couch opening presents. She hands me a wrapped package I open the top and see the words "Booty Shapers". I'm like WTF Mom? Until I open the present the rest of the way and see this brilliant idea:

They are shapers for your BOOTS, not BOOTY lol.

Booty Shapers are basically little inflatable inserts that you put in your boots to help them keep their shape. I know that some people use magazines to help boots keep their shape, but these are just SO friggin cute!

They are basically little balloons that fit inside of your boots and help them stand up right. They are perfect to help keep the shape of my slouchy black suede boots.

My mom bought this pair on clearance at Marshall's for $2.00. I went to go buy some more but couldn't find them their. According to their website these are an Australian product and can be purchased in the US at, Duane Reade and select Bed, Bath and Beyond stores.

If you spot these anywhere, please let me know!

Enjoy shaping those booties lol.


Anonymous said...

A great alternative is rolling up old magazines and stuffing them inside your boots.

Kelly said...

Haha that is pretty cool. I love Marshall's! Awesome for beauty products as well.

Just wanted to let you know I am having an Urban Decay blog giveaway in case you were interested!

Oh and I am a new subscriber :)

<3 Kelly

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