Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Retail Therapy Mini Haul

So I had a crappy boy weekend, and nothing makes a gal feel better than a little retail therapy! I could have gone overboard with the spending, but one of my break up rules is to keep myself in check and I did. I also found some AMAZING sales.

The Limited

I really like The Limited, but I hardly ever shop there. It reminds me of a more chic New York & Company or a classier Express. I walked in and there was a final sale rack just beckoning to me. Unfortunately there weren't a lot of small sizes left so I only picked up a shirt and a belt.

I ADORE this shirt. It's a one shoulder Grecian style top. It has a built in bra that serves no purpose whatsoever to my boobs. It's hard to see the twist detailing of the shoulder and neckline. It's a really pretty berry color. The best part is the price. Regular price $30, marked down to $6! That's a deal my dolls.

I also LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this belt. I'm not a big sequin person, but I do love bows. This was too cute to pass up and can add some sparkle to an otherwise boring outfit. Regular price, $25, marked down to $7. Yes, the belt was more expensive than the shirt lol.


I don't have many "going out" shoes, because frankly when I was in a relationship I never really went out. Now that I'm on the prowl as my friends say, I need prowling footwear lol.

The pair on the left is from Mandees. I really love the distressed leather look and all the straps. THese were regularly $30 marked down to $10. They look like spring/summer shoes to me so I don't know why they were on clearance, but hey I will take it!

The pair on the right, the "shooties" (i love that word!) is from Charlotte Russe. They were also on clearance for $10. I haven't decided how to really wear these yet, but they were so cute, a nice heel height and a great price, so I couldn't pass them up!

Did this mini shopping trip make me feel better? You betcha lol.


Tammy said...

I need those shoes!! Both pairs!!! I hope my Mandees and Charlotte Russe have them.

Brittney said...

nothing like a mini shopping trip therapy! you scored bigtime.

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