Friday, April 22, 2011

Kushyfoot Products

I love flats. I wear them to work pretty much every day. There are a few things however, that I do not like about flats.

1: Sometimes they are so flat that the balls of my feet hurt.
2: Sometimes the material is so stiff in the heel that it cuts into my ankles. No bueno!
3: They make feet STANK!!!

I love to wear those little foot covers when I wear flats. It's so bad, but I call them foot condoms lol. I especially love wearing Kushyfoot foot covers. They have this little pad by the balls of your feet so it provides a little extra cushioning.

They recently came out with lace foot covers and standard dress socks.

I really think the lace foot covers are a cute idea. They just peak out of the sides of a flat and add a little extra visual detail that otherwise may be overlooked.

Tan foot cover on:

Extra padding by ball of feet:

The extra padding is a really great feature in these little babies. If you wear super flats they aren't going to save your feet from feeling any discomfort, but they definitely help! They also help with stinky feet. I throw some foot powder in them before putting my shoes on and it's MUCH better.

The one thing these don't help out with though, is the shoes cutting into the back of my heel. These babies don't come up far enough in the back.

The standard dress socks claim to have a massaging effect. I've been on vacation from work so haven't had the opportunity to test these babies out yet, but I will definitely do a mini review on them soon.

MiNi GiVeAwAyYyY!!

I was sent a pink pair of these socks and there is no color out there that I loathe more than pink, so I decided to do a little giveaway. I threw a pair of silver Flats To Go (sizes5-6, can fit up to size 7) and a Bath and Body Works Scent Portable in Fresh Linen to the pack.

How to Enter:
1: Must be a subscriber to my blog.
2: Leave me a comment giving me your tips on how to avoid blisters and cuts on the back of my heels. I'm willing to try anything!
3; Bonus entry for blogging about the contest (leave me a link in a seperate comment from the first one)
4: All entries must be received by May 1st.

FTC Disclosure: The Kushyfoot products were sent to me for consideration. I was not paid for my opinion and my opinion is my own!


wifluvelle said...

i hate blisters too >.< i put band aids on me feet on area prone to blister when wearing new shoes

xoxo elle

_____________________ said...

I agree. Blisters just plain suck. D: i do the same thing as elle, and put bandaids where the blisters usually appear to try and prevent them when i wear new shoes.

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