Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Cape Cod Haulage

Last week I went to visit my Grandma in Cape Cod. I also love shopping in Cape Cod because of the tax free clothing in Massachusetts! I got some fab stuff and racked up the credit card points since I haven't gotten paid in quite a while!

I didn't take the pictures by where I bought them, which I should have, but oh wells. On the haulage pics!

Russian Painted Earrings- Gift from my cousin
Pearl Bow Necklace and Earring Set- $23 Bella of Cape Cod

Conair Flat Iron- CVS $8.37 (Well, $3.37 with extra bucks) I had to run out and snatch up this deal after reading Tammy's amazing post!

Melt Massage Bar in Lickin' the Beaters- $15 Melt Provincetown...I also read about Melt on Tammy's blog and I had to visit this delicious smelling store.

From top to bottom:
Longchamp Inspired Weekend Bag from Bella of Cape Cod $25
Black Sandals- TJ Maxx $10
Silver Steve Madden Loafers- TJ Maxx $35

Aero had a great sale on their bra cami's, Buy 1, get 2 free! I got the three that weren't too teeny bobber in my size..these are perfect long length layering tanks $24 for all 3

Floral Blouse- TJ Maxx $12.99

Forever 21 Striped Bodycon Dress- $11.50
This is my fave dress of my haul. This dress fits so well for anyone who wants a hot t-shirt dress. I don't have a butt of any kind, but this dress actually gives me one!

Kimono Style Sheer Flyaway Cardi- $7 on summer clearance

This is the first clothing haul I've had in a while. Since I'm back to work this week, expect some more fashion hauls coming up!


Tammy said...

Great haul!!

EveryDay Makeup blog said...

Nice haul. That necklace bow is adorable :) I hope you had a nice time at your grandma.


super cute necklace!

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