Monday, August 1, 2011

WnW Mini Haulage

Hello lovelies. Last week Rite Aid was having a BOGO 50% off sale on all of their Wet and Wild products. On top of that sale, if you spent $10, you received $3 in UP+ Rewards Dollars. Since WnW is so cheap to begin with, this is an awesome deal. I ended up buying a few of the newer Color Icon trios that I've heard great things about but have yet to try.

Here's the haulage.

From L to R, top to bottom:
Color Icon trios in:
On Cloud 9
I'm Feeling Retro
Spoiled Brat

Color Icon Liner in:
Dark Blue

Megaslicks Lipgloss in Strawberry Ice


On Cloud 9

I'm Feeling Retro

Spoiled Brat

These were all swatched with out primer! How amazing is this pigmentation for only $2.99 each? And how often do you see a matte color, like the brown in On Cloud 9, in a drugstore palette? I have yet to wear these, but if they are anything like the previous Color Icon Trios I've purchased, they will be fast favorites.


Dark Blue Liner
White Liner
Lipgloss in Strawberry Ice

I bought the blue liner to use on my waterline in lieu of black liner when my eyes are a bit blah, and I bought the white liner to use on my inner rim on my bottom lash line to wake up my eyes. The lipgloss is pink and frosty and I guess that's just the New York girl in me lol.

If you haven't tried WnW products in a while, you are seriously missing out. They are quickly becoming my fave drugstore brand.

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