Friday, October 14, 2011

Dress Down Fridays

Tips for a successful dress drown day for men at work!

Most offices in NYC relax their dress codes on Fridays. This helps improve morale and worker cohesion, as well as help us save money on dry cleaning.

Top: Polo shirt, patterned untucked dress shirt (darker colors with large plaid squares or other patterns work best, neck button open) or a cashmere sweater works in cooler weather.

You need to look casual and feel comfortable but still look professional.

Bottom: Dark or blue snug fitting jeans (no acid washed, ripped or baggy jeans), khakis or regular dress pants work. Make sure your pants are pressed, ironed or at least steamed.

Shoes: Most shoes that match the outfit work. Make sure to unscuff and polish as necessary. No multi-colored kicks like gaudy Jordans. One colored sneakers or dressy boots work best. The trick is to feel comfortable while remaining professional.

Wear a belt, undershirt and watch (sporty or unconventional is ok here) to complete the outfit.


Mark said...

I get to wear this everyday and it is the only way to go. It feels good and costs much less!

Mike said...

i used to wear a suit for about 30 years. Now I hardly ever wear a suit. Great day. I save a ton of money!

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