Monday, October 10, 2011

NOTW-Nail of the Week

I'm normally pretty blah about my nails. I don't really take care of them like I should, therefore they don't take care of me like they should. I like dark muted colors on my nails and I very rarely experiment with them.

My boyfriend's little sister, Grace, is a nail artiste (said with a french accent). She does the most awesome designs and I am completely jealous of her skills. She had a tie dyed affect on her nails this week, and well, I just couldn't resist asking her to do mine.

This week is Homecoming Week at my alma matter, Penn State. I couldn't resist paying homage to my favoritest place in the world with blue and white nails. She simply dragged a toothpick through the colors to make the design. How friggin cute do they look?

She's just starting to get into Youtube. We are currently trying to come up with a filming set up for her, because it's so hard to use her Macbook to film nails. Go give my "little sis" some love on her YT channel by clicking here.

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