Monday, October 17, 2011

What's going on here?

You may have noticed some changes around here recently.  I really do love this blog and blogging in general, but I go through phases where  I seem to blog regularly and then other times I hardly blog at all. My boyfriend, John, is like tech genius and has seen how much I love blogging and offered to help me spruce things up. Well, I must have hit the bf jackpot, because he got into it so much, that he now wants to be a contributor!  I read many a beauty, fashion and lifestyle blog and it's rare that a blog appeals to both sexes.  As John says, men want to be fabulously thrifty too! (Who knew??!!).  So John will be a regular men's contributor writing posts on men's fashion, product reviews and general metro men stuff! ;)

I will also be including a lot more lifestyle posts.  Just like with blogging, I go through phases of wanting to be my healthiest self..I am currently in one of those phases.  So expect some health driven blog posts and also some home decor posts as John is in the process of moving.

Of course, I started blogging because I love beauty and fashion blogs, especially those that focus on the more affordable things in life, and that's what my blog will mainly be focused on still.

Thanks for reading and thank you for all your support!

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