Monday, November 7, 2011

Jewelmint Mystery Bag

Hello lovelies. So Jewelmint has been pretty popular around the blogosphere and Youtubeville lately. I've only purchased one piece, which I love, and wanted to add to my Jewelmint collection. Last week around Halloween I got an email about a Mystery Bag. It would include at least two pieces of jewelry and some possible coupons or discounts. I couldn't resist. I ordered that baby. It shipped and I received it much quicker than my previous order. I am IN LOVE with one piece, and kind of blah about the other.

The ring is the Urban Warrior Ring. It's gold plated and adjustable and unfortunately just not my style. The craftsmanship is beautiful, but gold just isn't my style. So luckily for you guys, I will be featuring this in a holiday giveaway coming up soon.

The bracelet however, I ADORE! I swear to you I was hoping to receive the Silver Zip Bracelet. My blogger friend Lulu received the gold one, and I had my fingers crossed that I received the silver one. It's so different and the little diamond detail by the pull make it all that much cuter. I'm very happy with this baby.

The coupon I received was a bummer. I only received $5 off a future order, which is worse than the deal I have from visiting the Jewelmint FB page every day. I will also be including this in my holiday giveaway.

Did anyone else purchase the Mystery Bag? Any other must have Jewelmint items?

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Glitz Glam Budget said...

I've never purchased anything from Jewelmint, however I've seen a lot of youtubers raving about them...think i will check out their site! Thanks for showing this!

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