Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Gift Guide: BFF and Good Girlfriends Under $25

Ahhh the holiday season. I am such a holiday nerd. I'm lucky enough to be able to celebrate both Christmas and Hannukah and I eat the holiday season up. I love the lights, the music, the smells, and finding the perfect gift. I do a majority of my gift shopping online, because I just can't deal with crowds. All this week and next I will be featuring gift guides to hopefully help you out during this busy holiday season.

Here are some gift ideas for your BFF or good girlfriends

BFF Gift Guide

From Left to Right:
♥ A framed picture- Every girl loves to be reminded me of a happy time in her life. Best Friend frames have come so far from the metal glittery ones that we all used to buy at Claires when we were 13. Choose a chic metal one or a pretty wood frame and include a favorite pic.

♥ A great book- My friends and I all love to read and we usually enjoy reading the same type of books. Grab her a great book that you know she will love. My favorite book of the year has definitely been The Help.

♥ A cute accessory/jewelry- F21 has the BEST cheap jewelry. Buy her a trendy and cheap piece for a fun night out and put it in a cute gift bag or box.

♥ DVD for your fave show- My bff and my roommates and I used to obsessed with The Hills. Buy your bff a dvd of your fave show or movie to watch together.

♥ Scentsy burner- What girl doesn't love candles? My new fave way to make my room smell yummy is a scentsy burner. It's like a tart burner with a wide variety of yummy smelling wax cubes that really scent your entire room. Check out Amazon for the burners and some scents and Etsy for even more scent varieties.

♥ A yummy smelling body care set- I love Philosophy's scented shower gels! There is a scent to meet everyone's tastes. Check out Amazon or Sephora for great Philosophy gift sets or Bath and Body Works to make your own gift sets.

Happy shopping!

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