Monday, January 30, 2012

January Faves

January came and went didn't it? I don't know if it was because it was back to work, or my birthday, or my surgery, but I just have slacked completely on the beauty front so I have a very few favorites for the month of January, and my favoritest item isn't even beauty or fashion related!

From L to R:

Elf Studio Concealer Stick
I love this little baby! I'm pretty impressed by the coverage, and the lightest shade matches my pale self perfectly! The staying power is mediocre, but for $3 it's pretty amazing!

Kindle Fire
John got me this for Christmas, and I love this baby! The books and magazines are amazing and the videos are fantastic. For those of you who can't afford an iPad or don't wanna spend the money on it, this is the best replacement! I get apps, web and most importantly-The Hunger Game trilogy!

♥ Costco Holiday Brush Set Concealer Brush
I bought the Costco Holiday Brush Set in November, and while I'm uber impressed with all of the brushes, this is by far my favorite! It's bigger than your average concealer brush and it comes to a tapered point. This is perfect for blending concealer in under your eyes, around your nose and around your mouth. It's not the best for covering blemishes, but I prefer to use my finger to cover a blemish anyway since you don't want to put that bacteria on your brush.

Clinique Lash Doubling Mascara
My dad bought some Clinique Men's Skincare products and gave me the gift with purchase. It included a little sample of this mascara, and it is love! This stuff gives me uber lashes and I'm super impressed with it. If you want I'll post a review soon.

What have been your favorites of 2012 so far?

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