Tuesday, January 10, 2012

My Fave Shopping Apps: How to Use Your Phone to Not Only Waste Time, but Money Too!

I love my iPhone! On Monday it's exactly one year on Sunday that my precious little baby came into my life! I use my phone for everything, my email, my finances, my blog, my personal life. I don't even know my bf's phone number by heart due to my phone! I adore my phone. Within the past few months, I've begun to use my phone to shop and to save me some money.

Here are some of my fave shopping apps!

♥ H&M App

H&M is one of my favorite stores! I rarely walk out of their empty handed. I also really enjoy their app! I get notifications of sales, new collections and any H&M news. If you open the app and shake your phone in a figure 8 motion, there are also sometimes coupons! If you're an H&M gal like me, I would definitely download this free app.

♥ Bath and Body Works App-LUV BBW CLUB

Unfortunately, I am a Bath and Body Works addict! I have so many lotions from there it's insane. The app for this store is really cute. It notifies me of sales and also you can accumulate points by checking in when you are at a Bath and Body Works store. These points can equal freebies and coupons.

♥ Red Laser

Red Laser uses your iPhone to scan a barcode of a product. It then gives you the prices of that product at other local stores and online stores. Great way to comparison shop!

♥ Coupon Sherpa

What a great app! Ever find yourself in a store and know that you saw a coupon code or had a coupon somewhere? Search Coupon Sherpa, and if the coupon pops up, just show your phone to the cashier and they can scan the coupon right from there! A great way to keep all of those coupons out of your purse!

♥ Pose

I've only recently gotten into this app and I really enjoy it. People post their outfits, or items they like in stores and tell you where they got them! I really, really love looking at people's daily outfits and this just helps to shop some of their items when I'm in the mall.

Any great shopping apps I should be downloading? I love a good app!


life/style/flash. said...

I use Red Laser, it's magical (how does it know?!)!


EveryDay Makeup blog said...

Technology is so insane? Everything is a click away! I mainly use my iphone to answer emails, twitter and facebook and play words with friends lol.

Jen @ redsolesandredwine said...

I didn't know about Pose! I adore my iPhone and instagram. Checking out your recs.

Red Soles and Red Wine

Mara said...

Im definitely going to get the H&M app. Im not a big app user but I will have to dl it now. Thanks so much for sharing such great and useful apps.

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