Friday, March 2, 2012

The Perks of Education- Teacher Discounts

When it comes to shopping, I will do anything to find a bargain or discount. There are some discounts however, that I am only recently learning about. Teacher discounts! For my fellow educators out there, there are a lot of available discounts to you for just being a teacher. Make sure you bring your school ID or a pay stub.


♥ Loft
The Loft Loves Teachers Program offers teachers 15% off of their full price purchases. This involves you to sign up online and the link is above.

♥ The Limited
The Limited offers 15% off your entire purchase on in-store purchases only. Educator ID/Paystub required.

♥ New York & Company
NY & Company also offers 15% off all in-store purchases, but click here to sign up and get 20% off your first educator purchase. Educator ID/Paystub required.

♥ J. Crew
J.Crew offers 15% off your full price purchase and 15% off any J. Crew outlet purchase!! Love this one! Educator ID/Paystub reqired.

♥ Banana Republic
BR offers 15% off full price purchases with an ID or Paystub for full priced purchases only.

Office Supply/Electronics

♥ Apple
Apple offers around 5% off on most Apple products. Visit for more information.

♥ Dell
Purchase a laptop or desktop computer from and receive 2%-4% discount.

♥ HP
Receive up to 15% off on laptops, computers, printers and more at HP. Sign up to become an HP Academy member by clicking here.

♥ Staples
Receive 10% in Staples Rewards for certain items (including teaching supplies, paper, copies, etc.) by signing up here.

Fun Stuff

♥ Container Store
Ok, seriously, who does not love the Container Store? It's any type-A gal's mecca! Container Store offers 15% off most purchases. Sign up by clicking here.

♥ Joanns
Receive 15% off all purchases at Joanns! Sign up in store or click here to sign up online.

♥ Michaels
Michaels is right down the street from me, and it's very rare that I can go in there and not purchase anything. Teachers receive 15% off all purchases. Sign up in stores!

♥ Pizza Hut
I love me some "fake" pizza and that's what I call Pizza Hut, Dominos, Papa Johns and all those other chains. I've read on several blogs that Pizza Hut offers 10-20% discounts for teachers, but I can't find any information on the website. So you may have to ask at your local Pizza Hut.

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Anonymous said...

Unfortunately my Pizza Hut, in Central NJ, does not offer discounts =/

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