Wednesday, March 28, 2012

What I'm Reading and Watching This Week

Oh, this already feels like the week that will never end! I'm fighting off a terrible cold and I'm super busy this week, fortunately I'm super busy with a lot of fun stuff, but the week is still crawling by! Luckily, I have some of my beauty and fashion loves to keep me occupied in between running to the tissue box!

What I'm Watching This Week:

I love my XTeeener! She is just too damn cute and very relatable. My hair is about her length so I was interested in this video with three super easy hair tutorials. I can't wait to try the first two styles especially!

What I'm Reading This Week:

J's Everyday Fashion is one of my favorite fashion blogs out there! She's gorgeous, she takes inspiration from everyone, is serious about color in her wardrobe (I'm trying to follow suit) and does it all on a budget! If you love to put together looks inspired by catalogs, magazines, actresses, etc..then J is your girl!

Who are you watching or reading this week?

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