Friday, April 20, 2012

QVC Beauty Tube- April Edition

The QVC Beauty Tube is currently the only beauty subscription service I still subscribe to.  I've tried a few, but this one is totally worth it and also worth the wait since it's only a couple of times a year.  The products are full sized or very generous samples and they are from very well known and respected brands.  See what I've received in my previous beauty tubes here and here.  I think this month's version may be my favorite yet.  I'm glad it was so great because now I don't get another one until August!

* Tarte LipSurgence Lip Luster in Frisky- I've heard a lot of great things about this brand and more specifically this product.  This is sort of like a lipstain in pencil form and is also said to hyrdrate and smooth the lips.  I can't wait to try this out!

*Peter Thomas Roth Laser-Free Moisturizing Gel Cream- I'm always nervous to try out new skin care products and this one is no exception.  This cream is said to improve the appearance of skin's texture while hydrating.  The claims sound great, so I may have to carefully test out this product!

* StriVectin-SD Intensive Concentrate for Stretch Marks and Wrinkles- This cream is said to make stretch marks less visible in 2-8 weeks! I have stretch marks on my inner thighs and the backs of my calves so I will definitely be trying this baby out!

* Philosophy Amazing Grace Shower Gel- These shower gels seem to be a popular product in these Beauty Tubes.  I think they are ok, not great, but I do really like the scent of this one!

*Mally Evercolor Shadow Stick- I love that the Beauty Tube has given me the opportunity to try several Mally products, because I love them! This is a gorgeous bronzy color and based on the reviews is supposed to stay put all day long!

*Wen Cleansing Conditiioner in Tea Tree- Ughhh! Not another Wen product! This is also seems to be a popular product in the Beauty Tube and I am just not a fan.  I think this product is meant more for someone who washed their hair daily, and that's just not me.  I am going to include this in part of a giveaway that I have coming up.

*Bliss Fabulous Foaming Face Wash- I have heard great things about Bliss' skincare products and I am very excited to try this.  It's said to cleanse and exfoliate in one and is appropriate for all skin types!

* St Tropez Gradual Tanner in Medium to Dark- This is the baby that I am most excited to try out! I have heard so many great things about tanning products from St Tropez.  I'm a little goofy when it comes to tanning products so I'm glad that I get to test out a gradual tanner from them first.  However, I am a little concerned that the medium to dark formula will be a bit too much for my super pale skin.

Does anyone else get the QVC Beauty Tube? If you don't, I highly recommend you run over to and sign up for it!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Haulin'-The Woodbury Commons

Any of my readers in New York or the New York area knows how fabulous The Woodbury Common outlets are.  My personal problem with these outlets are that most of the stores are higher end stores, so while the deals are great for the specific items, they are still well out of my reach.  However, I did manage to do some damage in the stores I could afford!

American Eagle Off-Campus

I've only recently started wearing AE clothing, so I was excited to see that they had an outlet.  A lot of the prices were the same as in the regular store, but I was still able to snag some good deals.

 Tube Dress- I really like this dress.  It's super comfy and very girly.  I like that it's just super easy to throw on.  For only $14.99, I couldn't pass this up!

 Coral Shorts- Even though these shorts are photographing a little red, they are in reality bright coral denim shorts.  I'm really obsessed with coral lately, so I had to snag these up. $19.99
 Plaid Shorts- These remind me of cute golfer shorts lol.  I like how there are so many colors in the pattern so I can pair it with so many different color combinations.  $14.99
Coral Tank- Again with the coral! This tank is a little bit more boobalicious than what I'd normally wear.  I figure why not wear stuff like this while it's still mildly age appropriate lol.  $9.99

Banana Republic 

I was really able to score some fantastic deals at Banana Republic.  The only frustrating thing was that I walked into the fitting room with about 7-8 pieces and only ended up liking 2!  The entire store was 40% off, including the clearance which how I was able to score these great deals.

 Berry Dress- Oh lordie do I love this berry sun dress! It's a little bit clingy on the top, so I will have to find an appropriate seamless bra, but it's perfect for those hot days in the classroom.  It's very light and breezy and for only $11.99, it was made for me!
Blue Shift Dress- This dress reminds me of something Samantha Jones would wear in the Hamptons lol.  It's very summery and very chic.  The cutouts are a great touch and the material is very light.  $12.99

The Fixins'

I'm such a sucker for patterns, accessories and these designers.  I also couldn't pass up the opportunity to trick out my tech gadgets for so damn cheap!

Vera Bradley E-Reader Sleeve in Blue Lagoon- I love my Kindle Fire that John bought me for Christmas, but I've had it in such a blah black case.  I love this bright and summery case for it and it has ample padding to keep it protected.  $18.74

Vera Bradley Address Binder in Lemon Parfait- I bought a little address book from Barnes and Nobles only a few months ago, but I like the fact that this is a binder and pages can be removed or added as needed.  So many of my friends are in transition in terms of moving or getting married, so my book is frequently updated.  $7.99

Coach iPad Case- My dad gave me his iPad one a few weeks ago and I've had it in his boring black Sharper Image case.  How could I resist this Coach one with the cute daisy embellishment?? For only $39, there was no way it wasn't coming home with me.

Under the three items, which can't be seen very real, is an acrylic tray from Vera Bradley in the pattern Rhythm and Blues.  I didn't know what I would use this for, but I think you'll be seeing this in a lot of posts to take product shots with.  For only $11.24, I knew I would be able to find some use for it.

So all in all, it was a great shopping day! I was hoping to get more summer work appropriate items (skirts, dresses, capris) but didn't have much luck with finding a lot of those items in my size.  I'm still very happy with my purchases!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Spring Fling Tag!

I saw this Spring Fling tag going around Youtube a couple of weeks ago. I really like to do these funny beauty-ish tags, so here we go!

 1. Go to palette
♥ WnW Paradise Cove
I have had this WnW palette FOREVER! I loooove this palette! It gives a beautiful neutral smokey eye, or a fun shimmery purple eye. The pigmentation is fantastic and over a good primer, it lasts all day.

 2. Go to Blush
 ♥ Cargo Mendocino
I love this Cargo blush. It's a bit on the shimmery side, so some may not like it, but the pigmentation is amazing and I don't need to really use a highlighter with it either.

 3. Favorite Spring Face Product
 ♥ Laura Gellar Balance n Brighten
 This is has become my overall face product. Over a foundation it makes skin flawless, and if I'm having a really good skin day (very rare) it acts as a great foundation. I really recommend this product to girls who have blotchy or dull skin.

 4. Go to Lip Combo
 ♥ Revlon Lip Butter in Sugar Frosting and Mac Lipglass in Underage
This is only for those gals who like really pale pink lips. I love this lip look with a soft purple eye look because it just looks soft and feminine.

 5. Fave Nail Polish
 ♥ China Glaze For Audrey
What girl doesn't love this Tiffany blue nail color? It's my favorite spring/summer nail color.

 6. Fave Spring Trends
♥ Coral
 I am OBSESSED with coral. I've never liked pink or red, but for some reason I am just super drawn to coral. I need to get more coral into my wardrobe. It just helps liven up my skin tone.

 7. Fave Things To Wear
♥ Spring Jackets
I love wearing light and light colored spring jackets. I'm so tired of my heavy grey or black winter jacket, that putting on a light and fun colored spring jacket just feels so lux!

 8. Hair Trend for Spring
♥ Natural
I don't even know if natural hair is a trend this spring, but it's always a spring and summer trend in my book. The warmer it gets the more I dread blow drying my hair, thus my quest to find the perfect heat free curls.

 9. Hair Style
♥ Side Ponytails
 I love the soft and low side ponytail trend. I like having some hair around my face but also like having my hair pulled book so this combines the two perfectly!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Quickie Fitness

I have a confession to make. I am lazy. Like super lazy. I hate working out and I love eating junk food. I've gotten better with eating more fruits and veggies, but I'm still nowhere close to being healthy. Lately, Pinterest has reignited my goal to make myself a healthier Melissa. One thing that I've done that I've really loved lately is saved these mini work outs to the camera roll on my phone. I've been doing some of them up to five times a day. I'm getting a workout in with out breaking a sweat. This isn't recommend to actually lose weight or tone, but I've found that this is better than not working out, and can hopefully lead to me building up some kind of resistance to my laziness and wanting to work out more! Save these babies to your phone and do them whenever you're waiting for the boy to get ready (like I do), during a commercial break or whenever you have some time.
Do you have any quickie workout recommendations? Or any tips to gradually adapt a healthy lifestyle? I need all the help I can get!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

What I'm Watching and Reading This Week

I love being on spring break! I wish it was a tad bit warmer for my spring break, but just the fact that I can sleep late and do whatever I please, makes it glorious. I've also been catching up on my Youtube vids and blogs with my extra time. What I'm Watching This Week: I really love watching hair tutorials on Youtube, because you don't need to worry about having the color they are using or the product, etc. You can make hair styles work with whatever products you have. I can't wait to try out this beautiful and simple style on my hair. What I'm Reading This Week: The Budget Babe was one of the first fashion blogs I started reading about 3-4 years back. I guess I like to consider myself a budget babe! This blog breaks down celebrity looks into affordable alternatives and I especially love how she posts all the lookbooks for all of the affordable and fashionable stores. If you love fashion and you love to have money in your bank account, this is a great blog for you!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Spring Trends: Save vs. Splurge

Spring is one of my favorite seasons to shop for. It's a season of rebirth and a way to shed the layers of heavy winter clothing. I feel like spring is one of the most trendiest seasons to shop for and a lot of trends reoccur every spring, while others are just a flash in the pan.

What to Save On

♥ Neon

While neon has been around for a few seasons now, I don't see it as an everlasting spring/summer trend. It's also something that is not really timeless, and only some age groups can pull it off. So I would save your cash on this neon trend.

♥ Floral Bottoms

I know florals are in every spring, but I see floral denim as a strictly 2012 trend. This reminds me of a trend that I would have worn as a kid in the 90's! I guess the trend comes around every 20 years or so lol.

♥ Hi-Low Skirts

I really want to get my hands on some high-low skirts, but I see this trend only lasting for a season or two. When I was in high school hankerchief hems were all the rage, and now they seem to be back. This trend is a little cyclical. Wait long enough, and anything will come back into style.

Trends to Splurge On

♥ Sheer/Camp Style Blouses

Sheer or camp style shirts are just everywhere and available at every price point. If you're college aged or older, I seriously recommend investing in some of these pieces because they are great for casual wear and to wear to work. They can look classy or fun! I would recommend looking into pieces from Ann Taylor Loft, Nordstroms or Express to get quality shirts without breaking the bank.

♥ Pleated Skirts

Pleated skirts are always prim, proper and ladylike. They are perfect for a date, work or to go out for a fancy night on the town. Paired with the right top they can be sexy in a playful way or completely Jackie O. I love pleated skirts and I find them flattering for a lot of different body types.

♥ Wedge Sandals

Wedges are always in style, and the right pair can last you all spring and summer. Shoes are so important to be comfy in, so I would spend a couple of extra bucks to get a great pair of wedges in a neutral and a stand out color. These are perfect for strolling the city, work or a casual date.

What are your spring splurges and saves? What are your fave spring trends? I'm looking to try some new ones out!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

What I'm Reading and Watching This Week

What I'm Watching This Week

I've seen this DIY project on Pinterest a lot, but I love the way Carah breaks it down for you. I really love this idea to display some of my prettier earrings and even sunglasses!

What I'm Reading This Week

I love Becky of Everyday Makeup Blog. She's super sweet, super gorgeous and super thrifty! Her colorful makeup looks feature almost all drugstore products and she also gives great product reviews. If you don't read her blog yet, you should definitely start!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Current Faves-March 2012

I was actually a good beauty blogger over the month of March and tried a lot of new products and also began reaching for some old products that I haven't used in a while. This month's faves mainly consist of making my skin glowy and :knock on wood: my skin has been behaving lately!

From L to R, top to bottom:

Laura Gellar Balance and Brighten- I received this in a trio of products from I watch a lot of Laura Gellar on QVC, and this product in particular always interested me. She says to use it as a foundation, however I'm not that comfy with my skin yet so I use this over my foundation and concealer, and it works amazingly!! It just softens my face and reduces any rudiness or redness that still may show through.

Revlon Photoready Concealer, Light
- I bought this for an undereye concealer, and I am really loving it! For a stick concealer it blends very smoothly and it works perfectly to conceal and brighten my undereye area.

Clinique Clinique Even Better Makeup in Alabaster
- I bought this when I bought Clinique's Even Better serum and I really like this foundation. However, it is VERY similar in coverage and look to the Neutrogena Even Skin Foundation, so I will probably save the cash when I run out of this and purchase the Neutrogena one.

The Body Shop Vitamin C Skin Boost
- I've been using this as my primer and I really like this product. Can you tell I've been trying to incorporate a lot of brightening skincare even into my make up routine? This feels very similar to my former fave primer my Avon Magix. It really helps pores and gives me an extra brightening under my foundation.

♥ Mally Volumizing Mascara- I love this stuff! See my review here. It really darkens my lashes and thickens them and gives them a great shape.

Laura Gellar Blush n Brighten in Honeydipped- I know this says blush, but I have totally been using this as an all over bronzer! I use this on a day to day basis, but I wouldn't recommend it for pictures because it can photograph a little too shimmery. I think I received this in a Birchbox like a year ago, but haven't really tried it until recently.

FTC: All products were purchased by me with the exception of the Balance and Brighten which was purchased with a gift card provided by All opinions are my own!

FTC Disclosure

All products are purchased by me unless noted otherwise. If a product is supplied for review, this does not affect my opinion. My opinions can not be bought.
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