Monday, April 16, 2012

Haulin'-The Woodbury Commons

Any of my readers in New York or the New York area knows how fabulous The Woodbury Common outlets are.  My personal problem with these outlets are that most of the stores are higher end stores, so while the deals are great for the specific items, they are still well out of my reach.  However, I did manage to do some damage in the stores I could afford!

American Eagle Off-Campus

I've only recently started wearing AE clothing, so I was excited to see that they had an outlet.  A lot of the prices were the same as in the regular store, but I was still able to snag some good deals.

 Tube Dress- I really like this dress.  It's super comfy and very girly.  I like that it's just super easy to throw on.  For only $14.99, I couldn't pass this up!

 Coral Shorts- Even though these shorts are photographing a little red, they are in reality bright coral denim shorts.  I'm really obsessed with coral lately, so I had to snag these up. $19.99
 Plaid Shorts- These remind me of cute golfer shorts lol.  I like how there are so many colors in the pattern so I can pair it with so many different color combinations.  $14.99
Coral Tank- Again with the coral! This tank is a little bit more boobalicious than what I'd normally wear.  I figure why not wear stuff like this while it's still mildly age appropriate lol.  $9.99

Banana Republic 

I was really able to score some fantastic deals at Banana Republic.  The only frustrating thing was that I walked into the fitting room with about 7-8 pieces and only ended up liking 2!  The entire store was 40% off, including the clearance which how I was able to score these great deals.

 Berry Dress- Oh lordie do I love this berry sun dress! It's a little bit clingy on the top, so I will have to find an appropriate seamless bra, but it's perfect for those hot days in the classroom.  It's very light and breezy and for only $11.99, it was made for me!
Blue Shift Dress- This dress reminds me of something Samantha Jones would wear in the Hamptons lol.  It's very summery and very chic.  The cutouts are a great touch and the material is very light.  $12.99

The Fixins'

I'm such a sucker for patterns, accessories and these designers.  I also couldn't pass up the opportunity to trick out my tech gadgets for so damn cheap!

Vera Bradley E-Reader Sleeve in Blue Lagoon- I love my Kindle Fire that John bought me for Christmas, but I've had it in such a blah black case.  I love this bright and summery case for it and it has ample padding to keep it protected.  $18.74

Vera Bradley Address Binder in Lemon Parfait- I bought a little address book from Barnes and Nobles only a few months ago, but I like the fact that this is a binder and pages can be removed or added as needed.  So many of my friends are in transition in terms of moving or getting married, so my book is frequently updated.  $7.99

Coach iPad Case- My dad gave me his iPad one a few weeks ago and I've had it in his boring black Sharper Image case.  How could I resist this Coach one with the cute daisy embellishment?? For only $39, there was no way it wasn't coming home with me.

Under the three items, which can't be seen very real, is an acrylic tray from Vera Bradley in the pattern Rhythm and Blues.  I didn't know what I would use this for, but I think you'll be seeing this in a lot of posts to take product shots with.  For only $11.24, I knew I would be able to find some use for it.

So all in all, it was a great shopping day! I was hoping to get more summer work appropriate items (skirts, dresses, capris) but didn't have much luck with finding a lot of those items in my size.  I'm still very happy with my purchases!

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i like that plaid short!

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