Monday, April 9, 2012

Spring Trends: Save vs. Splurge

Spring is one of my favorite seasons to shop for. It's a season of rebirth and a way to shed the layers of heavy winter clothing. I feel like spring is one of the most trendiest seasons to shop for and a lot of trends reoccur every spring, while others are just a flash in the pan.

What to Save On

♥ Neon

While neon has been around for a few seasons now, I don't see it as an everlasting spring/summer trend. It's also something that is not really timeless, and only some age groups can pull it off. So I would save your cash on this neon trend.

♥ Floral Bottoms

I know florals are in every spring, but I see floral denim as a strictly 2012 trend. This reminds me of a trend that I would have worn as a kid in the 90's! I guess the trend comes around every 20 years or so lol.

♥ Hi-Low Skirts

I really want to get my hands on some high-low skirts, but I see this trend only lasting for a season or two. When I was in high school hankerchief hems were all the rage, and now they seem to be back. This trend is a little cyclical. Wait long enough, and anything will come back into style.

Trends to Splurge On

♥ Sheer/Camp Style Blouses

Sheer or camp style shirts are just everywhere and available at every price point. If you're college aged or older, I seriously recommend investing in some of these pieces because they are great for casual wear and to wear to work. They can look classy or fun! I would recommend looking into pieces from Ann Taylor Loft, Nordstroms or Express to get quality shirts without breaking the bank.

♥ Pleated Skirts

Pleated skirts are always prim, proper and ladylike. They are perfect for a date, work or to go out for a fancy night on the town. Paired with the right top they can be sexy in a playful way or completely Jackie O. I love pleated skirts and I find them flattering for a lot of different body types.

♥ Wedge Sandals

Wedges are always in style, and the right pair can last you all spring and summer. Shoes are so important to be comfy in, so I would spend a couple of extra bucks to get a great pair of wedges in a neutral and a stand out color. These are perfect for strolling the city, work or a casual date.

What are your spring splurges and saves? What are your fave spring trends? I'm looking to try some new ones out!

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