Monday, May 7, 2012

Heatless Curls-Success finally!

Back in February I read Mara's post about foam rollers.  I've wanted some foam rollers since and finally ordered some on Amazon last week.  She uses a lot of 1 1/2 rollers which I haven't tried yet, but after the success of using the one inch ones, I am MOST DEFINITELY going to attempt to hunt down 1 1/2 inch foam rollers.

I purchased Vidal Sassoon Large Foam Rollers from Amazon for a little under $4.  I bought two packages because I wasn't sure how many my hair would take.

I set my hair with two on top and then about 3-4 on each side.  Make sure to keep them rolled away from your face.

Rollers in

I put these in after washing my hair when my hair was about 90% dry.  I prepped my damp hair with volumizing mousse at the roots and curling mousse from my ears down.  These were actually comfy to sleep in.  I sleep on my back or my belly and both positions were very comfortable with these in.  I'm just glad I sleep alone, because I definitely look like a Grandma with these in!

Oodles and oodles of curls!!

I should have taken a picture after my hair fell a bit, because it looks a bit crazy here! The curls are gorgeous and voluminous and very natural looking.  I got compliments on this all day and my co-worker even asked me to do her hair! After trying this and seeing it's success I definitely want to order the jumbo foam rollers to see if I can get results similar to Mara's.  

So now that I'm content with my heat-free curl method I want to find the perfect heat free beachy waves technique.  Any recommendations? 


Mara said...

OMG....I'm so glad you were able to try this out. The results were AMAZING! You did great! Thank you so much for keeping me posted. I truly enjoyed reading this post. Can't wait to see how the 1 1/2 inch rollers work on you. :)

Tammy Wilson said...

I love these curls!! I would love to give these a try, but I can't sleep with anything in my hair.

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