Saturday, June 30, 2012

Tag: What's On My iPhone?

I saw this tag going around Youtube, and since my iPhone is definitely one of my most prized posessions, I just had to do this tag!

My main screens

I just recently put all of my apps into categorized folders.  I find it much easier than having to scroll through several screens.  I love my background wallpaper, it's from

My Fave Apps/ Most Used Apps

My most used apps are texting, my camera and my email.  But I think those are everyone's most used apps! Here are my fun fave and most used apps.

♥ Instagram

Who doesn't love Instagram? It's like Twitter in photo form.  I love following some of my favorite style and beauty bloggers and celebrities.  It's so nice to take a sneak peak into people's lives.

♥ Pandora

I have a lot of music on my phone that I listen to when I'm on the road, but if I'm home connected to my WiFi, I love to listen to music through Pandora.  I especially love to rock out when I'm getting ready or in the shower.

♥ Open Table

I love going out to eat.  It's probably my favorite past time.  Open Table is a great way to make reservations or to find local restaurants.  I don't think I've called restaurants to make reservations in months.

♥ Groupon

I subscribe to a lot of these daily deal type sites, but Groupon is definitely my favorite.  They always have fantastic local deals and their Groupon Goods have been amazing lately! This app notifies me of any deals that I'm interested in and also holds all my vouchers.

♥ Photography Apps

I've just recently starting playing around with different photography apps, especially since my interest in Instagram grew.  Camera+, Camerabag and CamWow are all editing and effects apps.  PopBooth makes pics look like those photo strips you can get from photoboths.  Frametastic and PicCollage make photo collages and Phonto and PhotoEditor give you the ability to add text to any pics.

Those are just some of my favorite and most used apps.  What are your fave or must used apps?

P.S. I'm tagging anyone who has an iPhone! Please link back to this post if you do it.

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Snowy said...

Try PE-Fotolr! It's a great photo editing app :]

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