Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Travel Essentials

This past weekend I traveled to Ocean City, Maryland for my BFF's bachelorette weekend.  It was 7 girls crammed into one room, so I knew space was going to be at a premium.  I packed one small weekend bag with a lot of space saving products so I could take up as little room as possible.  Trust me, this was a good thing because within an hour that room was a MESS haha.

My pics have been below par lately on my iPhone, so I finally ordered a SD card for the new digital camera I got for Christmas, so pics in this post will be from around the wonderful world wide web.

Hanging Organizer

I don't like using one makeup bag for my cosmetics and the items that I take into the shower with me, so I really like these hanging toiletry bags.  I use the mesh pouch to keep items that may be damp when I pack them, the plastic pouch for skincare items and the largest part for my cosmetics.  It stores everything I need and I could hang it so it doesn't take up precious counter space.

This item is from Amazon, but I find that I can purchase these really inexpensively at places like TJ Maxx, Marshalls and Home Goods.

Travel Size Products/ Samples

Of course this is an obvious one, but as I discovered with my girls this weekend, not always followed.  I can't stand toting full size products with me, so I save all of my samples and gifts with purchase sized items to travel with.  Also, purchasing travel sized items helps.  I keep these items packed in my hanging organizer so they are always ready for a trip.

Shick Intuition Razor 

Going to the beach, a razor is a necessity!  Why lug a razor and shaving cream when you can just bring one product that serves both purposes.

Jewelry Roll

Jewelry are my favorite accessories and also the easiest to travel with.  Don't just throw them in a bag or let them get tangled.  Also, don't bring really expensive jewelry with you when you travel, you don't want to chance anything.

Any other products that make travel and packing a little easier?  I'd love to know!

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