Friday, July 27, 2012

Affordable Products that DON'T Test on Animals

A few years ago I tried to make a concious effort to only purchase beauty products that weren't tested on animals.  It's actually quite difficult to do so, especially when there is such conflicting information on different brands.

I had put together a decent list a few years ago of companies that didn't test on animals and when I began doing research on brands today I was quite shocked to see that a lot of companies have BEGUN testing on animals.  It turns out that if products are sold in China, animal testing is required.  Estee Lauder and it's companies (including Mac) have now begun testing on animals to sell their products in China.  I find that so disappointing!

This goal of mine may be hypocritical since I am a carnivore, but it's just something I try to do to do my part for nature.

*Wet and Wild
*Eco Tools
*Everyday Minerals
*Hard Candy
*Bonne Bell
*Physician's Formula
*Prestige Cosmetics

Skin Care
*Say Yes to Carrots (Blueberries, Tomatoes, etc.)
*Freeman Cosmetics
*Burt's Bees
*Bath and Body Works
*The Body Shop
*Queen Helene
*Soap and Glory

Hair Care
*John Frieda

*China Glaze

I'm not here to judge people for using products that are tested on animals, because my collection does unfortunately contain products from brands that aren't cruelty free, I'm just hoping that next time if it comes between a hairspray from Herbal Essences or John Frieda, that we'll all be able to pick the product that is cruelty free.

If you know of any other affordable or drugstore brands that belong on here, please comment and let me know! Also, is whether a product is tested on animals or not something you consider when purchasing a beauty product? I'd love to know!

This list was compiled from PETA and Beauty Without Cruelty.  Image from


Sal said...

Certainly makes you think, I have that much stuff in my bathroom and honestly don't know what has been tested on what, bit embarrising realy !
Thanks for opening my mind a little,

minou-minou said...

I have had such trouble with the conflicting information also! For example, the Coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics ( and The Humane Society both omit almost all the brands you have listed here! What to do? I guess I'll have to call each individual company myself, if there aren't any other sources..

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