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A few months back contacted me to do a product review. is a monthly subscription service for lingerie for $39.95 with free shipping.  The products range from every day bra and undies sets, special occasion sets, lingerie, and sexy sleepwear.  I was able to pick a product for a review.  Unfortunately, the lingerie set I ordered got lost in my break up, but I was able to use the set several times and wash it to see how well it was made.

I ordered the Brenda.  How damn cute?!

Information from the website:
Pull out your sexy thigh high stockings and a pair of high heeled pumps to complete this ultra sexy outfit made for mutual enjoyment.A sultry surprise that makes any night one to remember.
  • Mesh ruffle back
  • Adjustable straps
  • Underwire cup structure
  • Removable garter attachments
  • Includes matching string thong 
  • 90% Nylon 10% Spandex 
  • Seven'til Midnight Products
This set was surprisingly comfortable.  Normally these type of lacy materials always make me itch, this definitely did not.  I also like how the top has underwire to give the girls a boost.  I find that a lot of lingerie sets lack support, so the fact that this had underwire and adjustable straps made it much more flattering.

With products like this, I am always more comfortable hand washing them.  I washed both pieces by hand several times and laid them flat on a towel to dry.  Both pieces washed very well and actually ended up feeling a little softer after several washes.  I would DEFINITELY recommend hand washing most of your lingerie pieces that have lace.  

I don't know if I would order lingerie or a bra and undie set every month, but to order several times a year would definitely help spice things up.  Even if you're single, order yourself a set- you deserve to feel sexy!!

FTC Disclaimer: I received this product for promotional review.  I was not paid nor am I affiliated with  My opinions are my own and can't be bought!


pretty little things said...

just discovered your blog and I love it!
I'm your newest follower - hope you can check mine out as well : )

jokezoe said...

Buyer BEWARE! This company is a huge disappointment.

I purchased the Groupon deal in Dec. and immediately placed my order. Upon my initial visit to their website, I was impressed with the selection they had to offer and intended on shopping from their site regularly.

At any rate, I received everything as ordered several weeks later. To my dismay, the items did not fit. I immediately returned the items, UNWORN. After a couple weeks, I contacted them (terrible hold time) to find that they had not been received and I would be contacted once they were received in the warehouse. A week passed and I still had not heard from them so I called again last Friday and was told that these UNWORN items did not "pass inspection." The agent could not tell me what that meant and advised she would call me back. She did call me back the same day to give me a tracking number. I asked why she was giving me a tracking number and she DID NOT KNOW! She placed me on an extensive hold just to tell me that she would have to call me back again. I did not hear from her on Friday or Monday so I contacted them today. I was informed that my return had not passed inspection?!?! Again, these items were returned within days of receiving them and were unworn! I did try the bras on, but once they did not fit, I returned them. After speaking with several customer service representatives, they refuse to even credit the $120.00. I am contacting the legal department in NY and will be sending the items to them for re-inspection (if I ever receive them back...). In addition, when I asked for the contact information of the Legal Department, they only wanted to give me an email address of, SERIOUSLY....this is your legal department?!?!

This "company" has not heard the last of me, this is a matter of principle now. I will post on every review site I can find and pursue your legal department with vigor. This is unacceptable and there are too many variables in your "inspection" process to hold the customer at fault.

For those of you who would like to join in, here's their Legal Department's mailing address:

485 7th Ave.
New York, NY 10018

or I guess you could email Gary (

It is my hope that someone in this company appreciates the benefits of customer retention and corrects the situation.

Anonymous said...

If you look hard enough, you can find any of the stuff they sell for much cheaper than their "retail" price. I even saw some of their products on AMAZON for a fraction of the price. Their quality is the same as well. When you purchase some of their Adoreme "boutique quality" products, you can easily find where the original company's label was cut off and their Adoreme label was sloppily sewn on. Their customer service constantly gives you the roundabout if you have a problem. They didn't used to be like this, back when they were smaller, the customer service would bend over backwards to help. Now, the bored operators give you answers like, "Please wait two weeks to a month for our email on how to fix your problem." Are you kidding me? The quality went down but I was staying for the loyalty program and the customer service. This is an official breakup, AdoreMe. It's you, not me; you've changed.

Kara said...

Adore Me is a terrible store.

Just look at their complaints on the Better Business Bureau or the litany of complaints on the review website, Site Jabber.

They trick people into signing up for their VIP program which takes out $39.95 from your credit card every month. And when you go to unsubscribe, they give you different dates, threaten to charge you more for the item you already purchased, and treat you with no respect on the phone.

I wouldn't advise them to anyone.

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