Friday, August 24, 2012

Fall Fashion Lust List

Fall is seriously my favorite clothing season.  The colors, the boots, the layers, the total lack of humidity- it's just the best!  I've put together a decent fall wardrobe, but of course there are some key pieces that I'm missing and lusting after!

♥ Faux leather jacket

I love this faux leather jacket from   I have a black leather jacket but it's a bit on the boxy side and not as slim fitting as this one.  For under $100, this one is not too shabby!

♥ Chiffon Button Down

I've been looking for the perfect chiffon button down and I really like the color (and the price) of this one from Pink Ice! I love the new more polished blouse like style that has been so big this summer and will likely carry over to the fall.

♥ Heart Sweater

It's not my typical style, but I really love this giant heart sweater from Target.  It's bright and fun and I think working with young children would allow me to get away with wearing it at work!

♥ Good leggings

I've been saying how I need a good pair of leggings for years now and I still haven't purchased a decent pair!  I use leggings as a base layer for a lot of my fall and winter outfits and I've heard good things about these American Apparel leggings.  $28 seems a bit steep for leggings, but considering how often I'd wear them I think it's well worth it.

♥ Printed Jeggings

I don't know if I could pull it off, but I really like these polka dot print AE jeggings.  If you are jeggings girl, I really recommend American Eagle.  They fit so well and they are made very well also.

♥ Rebecca Minkoff Clutch

Ok, so this is a TOTAL splurge item, which probably won't happen, but I have been loving all of the Rebecca Minkoff bags I've been seeing all over the blogosphere lately.  Her clutches are great and inspire me to move away from my oversized purse collection to a more streamlined purse.  I love this little beauty!

What's on your fall fashion lust list? I'd love to get some more fashion inspiration!

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Christina said...

Oh yes, I love that Target sweater too! I don't know if you have ever watched NikkiPhillippi on youtube but she wore it in a video. I'm still waiting for Target to arrive to Canada but once it gets here, I'll be checking it out all the time! So cute!

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