Thursday, September 13, 2012

Quick Tip Thursday: Preserve your Candles

This is a tip that was probably very obvious to everyone but me.

I love buying candles!  Candles just feel so homey and cozy to me.  My favorite brands are Yankee Candle and the candles sold at Bath and Body Works.  I would buy my favorite candle scent, bring it home, toss out the top and light that sucker up.  I never knew that by leaving the lid on your candle, you were actually helping the scent burn stronger when you lit it.

If you have a weak smelling candle, I would leave the lid on it to preserve the scent for when you light it.  If it's a strong scented candle, I'd say leave that lid off so it can help scent your room or space even when it's not lit!

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