Sunday, October 28, 2012

3 Fall Fashion Essentials

  I love fall.  I'm a sweaty and frizzy girl, so when the cooler temperatures roll around I am a very happy lady.  I also love the fall for the clothes!  I'm a huge fan of layering and also of jackets so fall is a great time for me to really play with my fashion.  Here are my three fall fashion essentials!  I wouldn't be able to put together some of my favorite fall outfits with one or sometimes all of these items.

1.  Riding Boots

I love, love, love riding boots.  Not only is the right pair super comfy to me they are just very classy.  Riding boots instantly had class and polish to even a pair of jeans and a t-shirt.  I only have two brown pairs, but I am dying to find the perfect black pair.

2.  Blazers- fitted and boyfriend

I feel the same way about blazers as I do about riding boots, they add instant polish and class to any outfit.  I love that blazers have staged such  comeback and you can find them ay any price point.  I love fitted blazers to really give me a waist line.  When I wear a fitted blazer I use that as my outfit focal point.  Boyfriend blazers I use more as a cover up when going out.  When I'm wearing a boyfriend blazer I wear a more ornate top and use the boyfriend blazer to balance it out.  I also love longer blazers so I can wear them with leggings!

3.  Leggings

I love leggings.  It's like wearing pajamas to work.  Some people think they can just purchase any leggings, and I used to be one of them.  Once I started purchasing high waisted, quality leggings I totally noticed the difference.  Sometimes leggings can be a little low waisted and that may accentuate any muffin toppage we may have.  A higher waisted pair helps suck that in to let tunics flow effortlessly over it.  In terms of quality, no one wants sheer leggings, those babies need to be opaque!

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