Sunday, October 28, 2012

Fitspiration Week 4

  This week's Fitspiration post will be different.  I've been doing a decent job with most of my goals, but I am still really struggling with portion control and with just resisting temptation.  I am so used to eating whenever I want to eat, that meals that should definitely keep me full for several hours, don't.  I can have a decent size serving of pasta for lunch and be ready to eat at again by the time I leave work at 3:15.  That just isn't normal!

I keep reading that it takes about three weeks for a habit to stick.  So I really need to just push myself and start cooking meals with a bit more fiber to help keep me fuller longer and really just force myself to fight the hunger (which I think is just habit or pure boredom) and wait until my next meal.

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What are your tips to keep fuller longer? I need some help here!

P.S. To all of my fellow East Coasters please be careful this week with the landfall of Hurricane Sandy.  My dad works at the UN and will be at work around the clock until further notice so my doggy and I are heading to one of my best friends house's to hunker down for the storm.  Every one please be safe and take all of these warnings seriously!

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