Saturday, October 6, 2012


   I've said this before, but I am seriously the fattest thin girl ever.  I rarely if ever work out and I eat like crap.  I've previously said I wanted to become healthier and would make a few changes that would last a week or two and then go back to my poor habits.  I would never gain weight so I wouldn't really feel too bad.  Within the past few months, boy has that changed.  I guess it's the 27 year old curse.

  Within the past few months I have gained 10 pounds.  This is like a tremendous amount of weight for me.  I guess I am still considered thin, but I am just not happy with how I look or how I feel.  I feel like if I don't nip this in the bud right now, it could turn into a big problem.

  The tricky part of my journey to being fit is that these bad habits I have are life long habits.  My reward when I was little was food, and not just any food, twinkles, yodels, ring dings.  My friends used to love (and still love) coming over to my house because I always have the best junk food.  On top of eating crap, my idea of a portion size is a Flinstone sized serving.  It's going to be a tricky journey turning myself into a healthy individual inside and out, but it's a journey that I have to take!

  I've decided to use social media to really help fuel and document my journey.  I have been following the controversy over "thinspiration" and have decided to use Pinterest, Youtube and blogs to find my "fitspiration".

  After doing some research, I know that I can't take all junk food out of my diet immediately and begin working out an hour a day.  I would give up in a day!  I'm taking small steps, weekly goals, to hopefully see some physical and health changes.

Week 1:

* Nutrition Goal
Eat a healthy breakfast
Eating a healthy breakfast is a HUGE thing for me.  I used to ruin a healthy day right off the bat by having a black and white cookie or a cupcake for breakfast.  This week I've been having bagel thins with a laughing cow wedge and some apple slices for breakfast.  I have to find some other quick grab and go options, but I want to be able to start the day off right.

  *Fitness Goal
Work out at least 15 minutes a day
I know this doesn't seem like a big deal to a lot of you, but for someone who barely works out, 15 minutes a day is a huge deal.  To go from not working out at all to working out for an hour and 45 minutes a week is a great step to take.  No matter how busy or how grumpy I am, there's always a 15 minute chunk of time in my day to work up a sweat.

Fitspiration of the Week

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Tammy said...

I am so awful at finding the time to workout. Some months I will work out every day for 45 minutes (Zumba or Pilates) and other months I just can't be bothered. I'm currently in the can't be bothered

btw - I think you look great.

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