Friday, October 26, 2012

Tag: I heart Fall

I've seen this I  Fall tag going around Youtube this week and I couldn't wait to do it.  Fall is definitely my favorite season and I'm glad that this year we seem to be getting a fall.  It usually gets way too cold way too quickly here, so I'm glad to have some days with temps in the low 60's and beautiful foliage.

1.  Favorite Fall Lip Product
Revlon Lip Butter in Creme Brulee- I know most people tend to favor berry colors in the fall, but I really like warm browns/nudes for the fall.  This color and formulation continues to be my favorite lip product.

2.  Favorite Fall Nail Polish
OPI's Warm and Fozzie
Image from

I got this color on my toes last week and I just love it!  I'm trying to hunt it down on the internet.  It's the perfect gold/bronzy color and it's so multidimensional.  

3.  Favoriate Fall Starbucks Drink
I don't really drink seasonal drinks.  My favorite Starbucks drink all year round is a Skinny Vanilla Latte.  Yum!

4.  Favorite Fall Candle
Slatkin & Company (Bath & Body Works) Pumpkin Cupcake- I have become such a Slatkin & Co addict.  This candle is so yummy.  I don't really eat pumpkin, but the smell of this is a great combination of sweet and spicy.

5.  Favorite Fall Scarf/ Accessory
Leopard Print Scarf- I love leopard print anything, but this $5 NYC street corner scarf is my favorite.  It's long enough to be worn many different ways and it provides such a focal point when wearing a plan top.

6.  Haunted House, Haunted Maze or Haunted Hayride?
I do NOTHING haunted.  I don't like to be scared, I am the biggest kid ever! I don't watch scary movies and no way am I going to pay to have things jump out at me!

7.  Favorite Halloween Movie?
Hocus Pocus- I mean, do any other Halloween movies even compare??!!
Image from IMDB

8.  Favorite Halloween Candy?
Reeses- My favorite thing in the entire world is Reeses cups.  I especially love them around certain holidays because they are in shapes and I swear to you the Reeses shapes taste better!

9.  Dressing up for Halloween?
This year I am only dressing up for my students' costume parade at work.  I plan on being Minnie Mouse..again.

10. Favorite Thing About Fall?
I know I should say something girly like layering or lattes, but I'm not going to lie- my favorite part about fall is most definitely football!

I would love to see some of my other ladies do this tag!  If you do it, please comment with a link!

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