Thursday, October 18, 2012

Tip Thursday: Money Talk

So this is not a beauty or fashion related tap, but I guess it could be a shopping tip.  I saw on Pinterest same time ago a pin about the $5 savings plan.  Basically, you put away every $5 bill you get and use that as a form of savings.  I hardly ever used cash so I didn't really pay any mind to it.  Recently, I realized I've started spending too easily on my debit/credit card so I began taking out cash every week.  I've been doing the $5 savings plan for about a month now and I am going to use the money to do some Christmas shopping.

When I get a $5 bill I put it in a different section of my wallet (so I won't be tempted to take it) and then when I get home put it in a jar I used to use for makeup brushes!

What is your favorite savings tip? I'd to love to hear them!

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