Monday, November 5, 2012

Fabulously Not Rich Reviews: Stephen Knoll Hydro Repair Mist

   I love blogging.  There have been some times where I've abandoned by little blog, but I always come back to it and I really love doing it and being part of this amazing blogging community.  On Youtube and beauty blogs one of my favorite topics is product reviews.  What's frustrating though, is if you don't have similar skin type, skin tone, hair type, etc. it's really difficult to determine if that product will work for you or not.

  I was brainstorming some blogging ideas after getting a renewed blogging confidence from my girl Tammy, of Not a Rich Girl, and came up with a little series idea.  Tammy and I are going to pick a product a month to review. We are calling the series Fabulously Not Rich Reviews.  It's going to be awesome to see the comparison between the two of us since we both have different skin types, skin tones, hair color and hair type.

  We sort of cheated this month and picked a product that we both received in our Pamper Me Fabulous gift bag.  We picked the Stephen Knoll Hydro Repair Mist Styling Lotion.

Let me start with describing my hair type:
*Oily roots, super dry ends
*Naturally wavy and HEAVY
*Color treated
*Wash my hair every 2-3 days
*Air dry at least once a week
*Regularly heat style

  Now on to the review.....

Product Features

  • Hydro Repair Mist relaxes and smoothes, taming frizz and leaving your hair soft to touch and with beautiful shine
  • Hydro Repair Mist formula helps condition and smooth your hair, making even the most unruly locks behave
  • It's the perfect styling tool for creating soft curls or poker-straight hair
  • If your hair is extremely frizzy, spray a few times to control the frizz during hot, humid summer days
  • Made in Japan

Information from back of the bottle:

Now I have been using this every time I wash my hair after I towel dry it.  Prior to blow drying or air drying my hair this is all I use.  I had recently only been using serums in my hair so it was a nice change to use a spray.  Let me start with the pros of this product.

 Amazing detangler- Even though I comb my conditioner through my hair in the shower my hair is always supper knotty after I wash it.  This definitely helped my combo glide through my hair quicker.
 Helps my hair dry quicker
 Doesn't leave my hair greasy or with a "gummy" feeling that products usually give me
 A little bit goes a long way..only 3-5 sprays and the spray itself is awesome

- Doesn't leave my hair feeling as soft as I'd like
 -Pricey..$23 on Amazon
-Not easy to find
-Doesn't provide any heat protection

Would I repurchase?: While I do like the product, I feel like I can find a product of equal quality at the drugstore.

Make sure to go on over to Tammy's page here to see how this product worked for her thick locks!

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Tammy said...

You know without realizing it our hair type is quite similar...everything else is exactly the opposite

I used to have an oily scalp and then I started leaving my shampoo on my scalp for a few minutes, the extra minute or two on my scalp REALLY helps. When I don't leave it on for a minute or two I always have to wash my hair sooner.

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