Monday, November 12, 2012

Gift Guide: BFF

  It's about that time, time to start holiday shopping!  I will admit, that I've already done a lot of holiday shopping, but still have a lot to go.  Some of my favorite blog posts to read around this time of year  are holiday gift guides!

  Here's my gift guide for your female BFF.  All of my gift guides will feature gifts $50 and under! Warning: Going to be a looooooong post!

Girly Girl BFF

Ciate Caviar Manicure in Rainbow- $25
I have yet to try one of these mani sets, but I think they just look super girly and fancy.  

Sparkly Clutch- $35
What girl doesn't love something sparkly?  This clutch is perfect for New Years Eve or to dress up a more casual going out outfit.  The envelope cut is timeless AND on trend at the same time!


Hunger Games Trilogy Boxed Set- $30
I can't think of a single friend who didn't read this book series.  Most of my girls read this on their kindle, but there's just something about having the hardcover boxed set sitting on their shelves that makes it seem so much more exciting.  Plus, I guarantee they will be rereading the books as the new movies come out.

Mustache T-shirt- $6
Mustaches seem to be everywhere in fashion today! They are on clothing, clutches and especially jewelry.  This Mickey mustache t-shirt is just too cute and cozy looking.


Gem Earbuds- $11
I have so many pairs of Earbuds, but none as cute as these gem ones!  What girl wouldn't like to be bopping around with these in her ear while listening to her iPod!

Vera Bradley Tablet Sleeve- $38
The best part of having a tablet is being able to carry it around with you! Make sure your bff carries her tablet around with her safely and in style with this Vera Bradley sleeve.


Wii Zumba Fitness 2- $34
You all know that I love my Wii Zumba game.  It's so much fun and it honestly is a real workout.  Give this to your fit friend and then invite yourself over for a Zumba party.

VS Pink Yoga Legging- $35
I can't think of a  fitness gal who doesn't own at least one item from Victoria's Secret Pink line to use when working out (or lounging).  These yoga leggings are super comfortable and really great to use when working out because they are so fitted.


Organic Argan Oil- $9
I can't think of a single beauty magazine or blog that hasn't mentioned Argan Oil in the past year.  It really seems to be a jack of all trade beauty product.  Give your natural BFF a bottle of organic argan oil to really test out it's beauty benefits.

American Apparel Pique Dolman Sleeve Dress- $36
American Apparel is known for using organic cotton in their products and this dress is proof that organic doesn't have to mean boring!

I know this is a horrible generalization of girls, and I could go on and on, but I hope this gives you some ideas on what to get your BFF this holiday season!

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