Monday, November 26, 2012

Gift Guide: The Men in your life

  This week's Fabulously Thrifty Gift Guide is dedicated to the men in your life.  I don't want to limit this to just boyfriends/husbands, because these gifts can be great for dads, brothers, friends..any important fella in your life.

Sports Team Glasses
I love my sports and I know a lot of the men in your life do.  However, you are probably sick of seeing the same hat, jersey, ratty old t-shirt.  Why not get them some glassware with their team's logo on it? It's a less obvious way to show their support!

The Art of Shaving Starter Kit- $33
I've bought this for my dad and some of the fella's in my life, and it's always a big hit!  These products are specifically formulated for men and for facial shaving and the smell is just so yummy!

Lord of the Rings Box Set- $23
Are you lucky enough to have one of those guys who loves to read? Why not get them the box set of their favorite series.  I know guys love their Kindles just like we do, but a box set is just so much nicer to have and to display!

Their Favorite Video Game
I'll admit it, I don't see the appeal of actual video games, but the fella's seem to like them.  Getting him one of his favorite games will sure to be a big hit!

Desktop Horse Racing Game- $18
I swear, I've never met a guy who wasn't very amused by any type of desktop game.  This desk top horse racing game will ensure he thinks of you at work every day when he's bored and starts playing games when he should be working!

Mel Brooks Blu-Ray Collection $40
A way to a man's heart is through his funny bone.  Keep him laughing with a comedy DVD or Blu-Ray collection.

Grown Up Art
Who doesn't remember going into a boy's dorm room and seeing tons of posters all around?  Well, give them grown up art work this time.  Go on to and search dictionary art and then whatever character or movie your guy likes.  Most likely, someone made something and it's much more creative than just a poster.

A manly coffee table book
I'm always impressed when I go into a guys apartment and see an interesting coffee table book put on display.  Head onto amazon and search coffee table book + whatever topic you think they'd be interested in.  I find that the best ones are in comics and cars.

What are you thinking of getting for the special guys in your life this season?

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Tammy said...

I really like the Mel Brooks DVD idea for the hubby..thanks!

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