Monday, November 12, 2012

GIrls Night Out: Clutch Essentials

  I'm not a big bar person, but every now and then I do love to get a little dolled up and go out dancing. Also, the holiday season is upon us and that means a lot of holiday party invitations will be rolling in.  Of course finding the perfect ensemble is SUPER important but what you choose to bring in your bag that night is just as important.

I know larger carry clutches are all of the rage lately, but if I know I'm going to be dancing or carrying around food and drinks, wristlets are still my go to bag.  What you pack in your wristlet is just as essential as if the wristlet matches your ensemble.  I had a wedding Saturday night so I decided to show you gals what I carry in my wristlet for a night out.

My wristlet was actually my Maid of Honor present from my best friend Ally.  It's from Thirty-One and is surprisingly light but holds A LOT of goodies.

The essentials:
*ID, Debit/Credit Card, Cash- Bringing your ID is super obvious- you will most likely need it to get in wherever you are going and to order a drink if you are 21 and older.  I like to bring my debit card in case I decide to open a tab or need to go to the ATM.  If you are going out to a bar or club cash is key.  I can't tell you how many times my friends have left their cards at the bar after opening a tab.  Using cash is so much easier and you also want to have cash in case you need to take a cab back home.


*Compact mirror

*Oil blotting papers- I don't like using powder when I know I'm going to be dancing because when I sweat it just cakes up.

*Concealer- This is one of my essentials because I feel like my acne scars are always peeking through my makeup.

*Chapstick- Now I love my EOS lip balm but those babies take up too much room.  Try a slimline chapstick for a small bag.

*Your lip color of the night

*Perfume- this is where all of those little perfume samples come in handy!

*Colgate Wisps- I LOVE these little toothbrush and toothpaste combos.  You don't need water to get fresh breath and make sure your teeth are clean.  Because hey! You never know who you will be meeting!

*Hair tie and bobby pins- I normally start my night with my hair down but after too much dancing it needs to be put up!


*Pepto and headache meds- Just in case!


*Cell phone (not shown)

After writing all of that out it's surprising that it all fits in such a little wristlet, but I really do use most or all of these items during a night out.

Am I missing anything?  Am I the only one who still uses a wristlet?

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