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  I think it's no surprise that I love the online beauty community.  I find myself watching beauty Youtube videos and reading beauty blogs daily.  One of the first online beauty communities I joined was  I really can't tell you how I discovered this site, but I am so glad I did!

Not only does this site provide fantastic product reviews, beauty tips, etc., but for every time you comment and like a post you earn points!  You can then exchange these points for surprise packages of makeup.  For 50 points you get one cosmetic item, for 150 points you get an "even cooler item" and for the max, 250 points you receive a bundle of goodies.  I wait until I reach 250 points.  It takes a while, but it's well worth it! is a great chance to earn free makeup and discuss various beauty related topics with other makeup addicts.

*Note: You do have to pay shipping and handling for your points package.  It also can take quite a few months to receive anything, but you will!  She frequently posts updates as to when packages will be shipped.

Here's my latest goody bag!

From L to R (bottom image):

Liptini Lip & Cheek Stain in Pink Lady ($18)
Sephora Shadow (color and price unknown)
Napoleon Perdis The Ultimate Contour Palette ($39)
Urban Decay Vintage Single Shadow in Mary Jane ($6)
Tarte Skinny SmolderEYES liner in Jade ($19)

So for only the cost of shipping and handling I received over $82 worth of makeup!  Holy cow!!


 Top to bottom:
Jade Liner- What a pretty color! It seems to be like an army green.  It goes on so smoothly and I've used makeup remover and showered and that damn swatch is still there!
Mary Jane Shadow- A pretty silvery color with a metallic sheen.  Great for the holiday season!
Contour Palette- Highlight- Blush- Contour- I love the idea of having the shades needed to contour in one palette so I'm very excited to try this baby out!

Sephora Shadow- I was a bit nervous that this shadow would appear super yellow gold, but it actually swatches quite nicely.  Also great for the holiday season!

Liptini- This swatch I just couldn't get to photograph properly.  The liquid in the bottle looks super dark, almost like blood, but then it swatches to a pretty plum like color.  I think I'm more comfortable with testing this on my cheeks rather than my lips, but I will definitely try both!

Are any of you other guys Meg readers? If you aren't, I highly suggest you save it under your favorites!

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Curly Southern Belle said...

Wow! I'll have to check the site out. I'm a huge fan of UD eyeshadow - never lets me down!

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